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Boyz II Men's new album "Throwback" comes out 2day. Jazzy Jeff said a few months ago that A Touch of Jazz waz working on it. I don't think the album has had any promotion so i just found it out waz coming 2day. Be sure 2 go out and support that guys. BIIM always comes out with quality so it's definitly a good buy...especially if u get it on sale at Circuit City ($9.99) or Target ($11.98)
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Hey do Boyz II Men have a website? I've been trying to find a good one for a while. They're my favorite R&B group, I'm glad to see that they're still doing their thing even after their record sales slowed down. I did read somewhere that Michael Mccarry retired from the group from back problems but that's not true right since they're dropping a new album? Thanks for the heads up, I can probably get it on sale where I work, I'm gonna keep my eye out for it!
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I'm listening 2 it right now. I'm kinda disappointed. A full studio album would be so much better than an album of covers. Nate, Shawn, and Wanya are the only ones in the group now. I knew Mike had health problems but i didn't know they were serious 2 keep him from recording. The guys don't mention him in the Thank You's tho'...but it's hard 4 me 2 imagin these guys who are like brothers having serious creative differences. His voice is definitly missed in the harmonizing and those monologs he did on some of their music. They aren't on Arista anymore (since Arista's doors have closed). They are now on the indy label that keeps growing KOCH Records (which distributes Montell Jordan, Deathrow products, and so on). So they now have total control of their music.

Anyways, it's all about the music, so here's my review.

LET IT WHIP - bad song choice in my opinion...especially 2 open the album. Akward funk track that has a weak retro-feel. The Dazz Band originally recorded this track.

LET'S STAY TOGETHER - Ahh...the Al Green classic. Great song, however, the percussion in the song is a bit 2 much. The akward synthisizers also get on my nerves. P-Nutt from A Touch of Jazz produced this one with the Boyz. Decent cover of the song tho.'

WHAT YOU WON'T DO FOR LOVE - Another good cover choice originally by Bobby Caldwell. This one offers something new that the original dosen't...a rap from MC Lyte. The fondation of the beat is good, but there a instrument in their that takes away from the song. P-Nutt from ATOJ also produced this one with them.

CUTIE PIE - This is a bad cover choice. This track originally by One Way is just way 2 retro-faux. Boyz II Men just shouldn't do funk trax....it's just not their thing. D-Nutt from ATOJ produced this track and Jazzy Jeff actually programmed some of the drums on it.

CLOSE THE DOOR - Great choice...classic song from the one and only Teddy Pendergrass!! I think Montell Jordan's cover of it in 1994 waz better, but this is the 1st track that is solid thru' and thru.' P-Nutt produces this track also. The legendary Larry Gold dose strings 4 this one.

FOR THE LOVE OF YOU - Perfect cover choice!! Isley Brothers classic!! Probably my fav song by them. Refreshing summer breezy feel. P-Nutt dose another good one with them.

SARA SMILE - I'm not familiar with this Hall & Oates song...but i LOVE THIS SONG. The drums and guitars are amazing. Strings by Larry Gold underscore it all. I think the fact that i didn't know the original song helps me appriciate this song 4 everything it is by BIIM. Incredible song!!! P-Nutt produces this track.

HUMAN NATURE - BIIM doing a Michael Jackson song...sounds good 2 me. This is a very acoustic version of it.

TIME WILL REVEAL - Classic DeBarge song. This one takes it back 2 BIIM's roots and they handel this one acappella. If only Mike waz there filling up the harmonizing. Someone is doing bass on it...but i'm guessing it's one of the Boyz. WHERE IS MIKE!?!?!?!?!?!?

I MISS YOU - Timeless acoustic vibe. I really like this one...the song is beautiful. I'm not familiar with the original version by Klymaxx so i can appriciate it 4 everything their version is. Chorus is familiar, but that's it.

YOU MAKE ME FEEL BRAND NEW - BIIM doing The Stylistics...i knew this one would be good from the beginning. I wish there waz just a lil' more thrown in2 the produciton but it's a good song all around.

Other than the akward funk-vibed trax, the album is a good solid album that older peeps will love (probably) and it's a great way 2 introduce some classics 2 a younger audience. This album is for the true BIIM fans, but not 4 mainstream audiences...tho' 2/3rds of the album would make good singles.

Hopefully they'll keep working with ATOJ on their future projects. If they can do a lil' over half of the album which is made up of cover songs...a full studio album would be great.
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Yeah, it seems like artists and companies are flying over 2 Koch Records. But i dont know why. They put out albums and that's it...no promotion. Montell Jordan's came out with one video that got some play on BET but gain no real success. There waz a promo vinyl single released and that waz it. Deathrow's 2Pac remix album and live album came out with no videos, singles, etc. Now Boyz II Men, one of the most respected groups of all time come out with no video or singles. Hopefully they get on the ball. It's nice 2 have creative freedom, but it's no good if people don't hear your music.
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[quote=JumpinJack AJ,Aug 24 2004, 01:46 PM]I'm listening 2 it right now. I'm kinda disappointed. A full studio album would be so much better than an album of covers. Nate, Shawn, and Wanya are the only ones in the group now. I knew Mike had health problems but i didn't know they were serious 2 keep him from recording.[/quote]
No Michael on the album?!!! :eek4:
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