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Kingdom Come vs. American Gangster


Better Album  

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  1. 1. Which is the better Jay-Z album

    • American Gangster
    • Kingdom Come

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OK so as I was listening to American Gangster last night I began wondering if it was better than Kingdom Come. On the whole, I really like American Gangster. The only track that is just unbearable is Hello Brooklyn(feat. Lil Wayne). The beat on Hello Brooklyn was garbage to me and Wayne's verse made it even worse. I skip that selection every time I listen to it.

The standout tracks are Pray, American Dreamain', Roc Boys, Success(feat. Nas), Fallin', Blue Magic and American Gangster.

Grade = B+

With all of that being said, am I the only one who likes Kingdom Come more than American Gangster?

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American Gangster: B

Kingdom Come: B- or C

I like the new album because it has much better production and Hov did pretty well from the lyrics to his flow. When I first heard Diddy was gonna do the production on some of the tracks, I was hyped. Diddy is amazing for his stuff in the 90s. Not only for his albums, but BIG's track "I Love the Dough"(ft Jay-Z) was amazing. I was disappointed though because it wasnt up to that standard but I mean times change and I understand that. I think the best song on there is "I Know". Pharrel gave him a sweet beat. "Fallin" is definitly my 2nd fav on there but its a shame Jermaine Dupri jacked the beat from Ski Beatz, who produced "Dead Presidents". Worst track is definitly "Hello Brooklyn 2.0". That beat is TRASH and Lil Wayne IS TRASH! I dont know why everyone is riding on his back. He sucks. Simply put, SUCKS! I cant wait to hear "Dead Presidents 3" which I've heard only a small snippet and I do like it.

Kingdom Come was alright but it was weak considering it didnt live up to "The Black Album" or "The Blueprint". I really wasnt feeling the production that much with the horns and all. Just Blaze could've done better. All in all, I think American Gangster is def above Kingdom Come, but isnt a classic like "The Black Album", "Blueprint" or "Reasonable Doubt".

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I don't understand why people give Kingdom Come such poor ratings. I like it! I got some dope tracks like "Trouble", "Oh My God", "Lost Ones", "30 something", "Minority Report". Even the so-so tracks are better then some of the trash out there! I like Kingdom Come, it's better then Blueprint 2 but not on the level off the Black Album or The Blueprint.

Haven't checked out A.G. yet! I'll get it when it's in stores tho!

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All in all, I think American Gangster is def above Kingdom Come, but isnt a classic like "The Black Album", "Blueprint" or "Reasonable Doubt".

And those are the only 3 Jay-Z albums I have. Those were obviously classics because they were intricate points in Jay-Z's career. Reasonable Doubt was super hunger. Blueprint was him running the game, and having a lot going on. The Black Album was suppose to be his final song. The game is no longer Jay-Z's. He's on somebody like LL Cool J's level now. It's just in him to put out because of a commitment to himself, his fans, and hip hop. I'll peep some of the tracks from American Gangster when I get a chance though.

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Well, we gotta admit that Lil wayne is big now, he was suppoused to have a beef with jay and now look at that, he is guest starring in his new cd, as he is in everybodys cds.

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