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No disrespect, Great QB and great team, but why are the Patriots still passing from The Shotgun on 4th Down, in the 4th quarter, up 38-0, in Field Goal Range...(this coming from a Cowboys fan who loves to see the Washington Redskins get crushed, lol)

I'd call that Stat Padding... :thumbdown:

I mean, Most coaches will Run the ball and give it back to the other team, or even just kick the Field Goal...Why do the Pats have to go for more Touchdowns?

Again, They're a great team, and are tough to beat, but why do you have to continue to play for Touchdowns when you're up by that much and already have the win locked up? I understand, That's the game, if you don't want it to happen to you, then the Defense has to stop them, but still...

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Well, thats called sending a message that our team can crush all the other ones, we did it to the cowboys too. Its showing that there is no way they are resting, there is no way they giving up, its sending a message to say that even in the last moment the patriots are gonna continue kicking a**ses all the way. Its a team who was beaten by the colts when they were winning by a large margin, because they felt asleep in the championship game earlier this year. The patriots of today are showing all the teams that that is not happening again.

More TDs? More great stats? Crushing the other team? Did think it was a bad thing..........

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