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What Are You Listening To? XVII

Da Brakes

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THE ART OF LOVE ~ Toni Braxton.

Maan, I love this joint. its so sleek, kinda romantic and mysterious at the same tyme... This song can put a woman in a sexy mood while doing anything, cooking, cleaning up, even while pumping weights in the gym.. :wickedwisdom:



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The Paradise, Boston, MA 7/25/04 (2004)

AD is the truth...your favorite Hip-Hop group sucks compared 2 them! ha ha...jus' playin'

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She she's one of them American idol=esque winners from the UK. Got a great voice though just hope they give her more interesting songs to challenge her.

Lately i have been listening to my heart beating rather faster than normal lol.

Seriously though gone for the chill out mode with tracks like Massive Attacks Teardrop, and Zero 7 - Destiny

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SPICE GIRLS - Greatest Hits Megamix

(CD Promo) (2007)

Ha ha...spicing up my life...GIRL POWER!!

Next up...

JOI MARSHALL's "Testimony + Praise" 2007 album (she's the front woman from Jade for u early 90's R-N-B fans)

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