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Billboard numbers are finally in...


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no he is living the American Dream from coming from nothing to something, and also yall think that he sucks well Jam Master Jay didnt considering he was the first person to discover him not Jay, Nas, or P. Yall just cant stand to see people succeed just because you dont like them and actually those 11 to 14 years old are buying them because their parents let them considering it says Parental advisory it isnt his fault he knows how to make a song

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It's not that people can't stand to see other people succeed; it has more to do with the fact that 50 Cent has done nothing to uplift the art form. Instead of selling drugs as his hustle, he chose making rap songs as his hustle. It's not about hip-hop(and the culture) for him. It's about making money. I don't have a problem with people wanting to make money but I do have a problem with making money and not having any regard for the music or for the young people. And don't give me this crap about "well he gives money away to charitable organizations". So do drug dealers and money-stealing CEOs but doesn't make the wrongs they do right. Bottom line is that 50's music is not good music. It is full of violence, misogyny, and poison.

Lost is when you hide behind the freedom of speech/

Well sure you're free to do it , but what it mean to do it/

Did you need to do it; Did you mean to do it/

Do you take time to think 'bout the seeds you ruined

- Will Smith, Lost & Found

As far as I'm concerned, 50 is lost.

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The reason 50 lost to Kanye is because he made money off dissing other people, which was not necessary! Get Rich or Die Tryin was hot, but nothing groundbreaking! Banging Beats by Dre, good flow and deliverance , Eminems White America Stans and Interscope's great promotion of his criminal past!

Afterthat he went on dissing Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Jay-Z,Nas, Dr. Dre, The Game, Oprah wWinfrey, Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee and Black People in general! Also he went arrogant by saying he is the best because he did good numbers (sales)!!! quality is not equal to quantity...50 knocked himself out!

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well if he dont care bout the youth how come he is one of the few dads to take care of his son

Actually, i saw an interview with him that came out somewhere around 2004. Sway (i think) said that when he interviewed Eminem a few months prior, he asked him about his daughter and Em replied that he didn't see his daughter often and that he regreted it. Sway said Eminem didn't seem motivated by music becuz it waz taking him away from his daughter. He said the tone of the interview went down. He then asked 50 Cent if he felt the same way about it and his child. 50 basically gave an answer saying he didn't really feel the same way and that they "understand." In so many words, he honestly said that his career waz top priority and that family can wait. No joke...it waz done by MTV...maybe it's on their website.

50 Cent is a musical joke and a pathetic human being.

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Right, that's why I don't have an ounce of respect for 50. He's definitely "lost". Moreover he seems to do every little thing to bring the hip-hop culture to its worst. In my country 50 is big, every yougster, who tries to be hip-hop wears g-unit stuff and has 50 in his walkman. Others see that and think hip-hop is awful and we have nobody to explain the truth to them(

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I wanna say something.. Dont mean to bust you'r bubble, but in every European country (except the UK I think), 50 outsold Kanye by far with his new album (For example Germany, who has 90 million people.. 50 came in second, Kanye came in 9th).. So I wouldnt be sure Kanye sold more if you look further than the US. Oh and, calling 50 out for flopping is quit hilarious since 600k in the first week isnt bad..lol.. I mean, really isnt bad..lol

By the way, 50 was booked on a Show over here for 30 minutes.. He performed for 3 hours without extra payment. That was one month ago.

Kanye's Album sure is better tho. But they are both ass's.

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Oh and, calling 50 out for flopping is quit hilarious since 600k in the first week isnt bad..lol.. I mean, really isnt bad..lol

I don't think anyone thinks his album "flopped." We just think it's hilarious that he ran his ignorant mouth so much about being number one, selling the most records, and hyping the whole competition up...and then totally outsold. It makes him look even more like a fool. That's what makes this musical embarassment look even more like a failure.

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People, 50 is not going anywhere! 50 is going to stay on and on till somebody shoot him 9 more times... he is actually the best for a lot of people and we have to respect the fact that he is selling way more records that the ones we actually think and know that are way better rappers and role models.

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