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Fabolous - "From Nothin' 2 Somethin'"


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Hey ya'll heres my review on Fabolous "From Nothing 2 Something"

1. From Nothin' To Somethin' Intro

Typical Introduction, Nice long flow that sets the album of very nicely

He decided to go more lyrically in this track, which i like when artists do


2. Yep, I'm Back

Love the beat to begin with, defitenly a beat I would spit on, he pretty

much states how better he is than he was, lyrically etc...not bad but not

one of my favorite....

3. Change Up-Feat. Akon

Now this is one of my favorite tracks on the album...Akon does a great chorus

The beat I believe is one of Akon's, and you can tell fabolous wrote this track

Even though he does say he does a Jay and freestyles, It's a serouis but fun track...

4. Make Me Better-Feat. Ne-Yo

Ya'll all heard this one, if you havent then what the hell? Ne-yo makes this song

What it really is, even though Fab does say some intresting lines, like the opening

of the track, this is yet another one of my favorite songs but will become

repetitive eventually....

5. Baby Don't Go-Feat. T-Pain

Well typical T-pain chorus for all those T-pain lovers out there, if there is any but the

lyrics and flow that Fabolous says on this track reminds me of Ma$e, especailly at the

start, the verses and the beat is the best bit, even though JD's adlibs anoy the hell

Out of me....

6. Return Of The Hustle-Feat. Swiss Beats

Swiss beats makes one again, I love the beat and pretty much the best part of the song

Fabolous does a nice verse but another than that, pretty weak....

7. Gangsta Don't Play-Feat. Junior Reid

Now I love this track for at least a minute at the start, when the Junior Reid sings, this

Man is a amazing reggae artist, he sings/raps for the first bit but fabolous part in it really

Is dull, the beat is decent enough to rap on, but in my view not fabs style...

8. Real Playa Like-Feat. Lloyd

Now Fab and Lloyd really have a connection with this track, should of been the first single

In my view, I could imagine a smooth video for this, maybe there still will be....the beat is smooth

Flows are smooth and the chorus is amazing, one of my favorite also....

9. First Time-Feat. Rihanna

Now any Rihanna fans out there will love this track, the beat is dope, she does the chorus

very nicely, and it seems fab actually makes a genuiwine effort to make this track nice

maybe he really does like Rihanna, heh who wouldnt:)

10. Diamonds-Feat. Young Jeezy

"Diamonds On My Damn Chain" I'd change the track but the only reason I like it is for a few

lines fab does spit on this song, the chorus is not orginal, i've heard it before, Young Jeezy is

wack as usual, I've never liked him and it was a disapointment to see him on this album...

11. Brooklyn-Feat. Jay-Z & Uncle Murda

A song dedicated to brooklyn, and im not suprised to see Jay-z on this album since he did

Sign fab to def jam, but you can tell he rushed his verse, fab done his verse very well and I

Never did hear of Uncle Murda, but his verse was nice...the chorus involves a chant of "brooklyn"

Typical Shout Out to his home....

12. I'm The Man-Feat. Red Cafe

Now this song i always think Twice about, he boasts about himself being everything he can think

Of but in the truth, he can make it convicing with the beats, he does a good job on the track but

Not at all my favoirite track but i can still bop my head to it....

13. Jokes On You-Feat. Pusha T

A diss track to the people who say he's too serouis, so he does make a few jokes and makes me

Laugh, Pusha T another artist I havent heard off done a nice few lines in this, the beats is on going

and can be boring, maybe if they switched it a little bit....

14. What Should I Do-Feat. Li'l Mo

THIS Is the best song on the album by far, he raps 3 verses pretending to be another people,

Could it be another "Stan" by eminem?, you need to here the words he says to get the song

And Lil Mo does a great chorus which makes it to a lovely song....

15. This Is Family-Feat. Ranso, Freck The Billionaire, Red Cafe, Joe Budden, Paul Cain [bonus Track]

This shouldnt be a bonus track, he should have this on a mix tape, I dont like it

Never Will.

Overall Rating..7.5/10

To all those fab fans its defitenly an album to catch, hip hop fans maybe u like it

maybe you won't, it's not the best album of the year, but I like it, I can get used

to the tracks I don't like, like i did with other fab albums....


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Hey ya'll heres my review on Fabolous "From Nothing 2 Something"

Overall Rating..7.5/10

To all those fab fans its defitenly an album to catch, hip hop fans maybe u like it

maybe you won't, it's not the best album of the year, but I like it, I can get used

to the tracks I don't like, like i did with other fab albums....



Idk man...I heard this back in June (early advance) and I was very disappointed that only one song(?) was without a special guest. Yes it's definitely strides ahead of his last album...where the beats were whack and rhymes were lazy. The Akon song just feels like the same thing Akon's known to do. "Return of the Hustle" was the beat Jay passed up on for Dig-a-Hole...I'm not too crazy about it. I can't stand Timbaland so the second "Make me better" came on, I cringed. Diamonds is annoying...Gangsta Don't Play is Fabolous trying to follow up Game's hit "It's Okay"....First Time was repetitive...Brooklyn was basically a remake of the bonus track Fab was on for Notorious B.I.G. Duets...Jokes on You is ok....What Should I do is awesome if unoriginal and Loso's way (pun intended lol) to copy Ludacris with the last track being a story about someone going through a struggle....I'm the Man is meh...Baby Don't Go is really enjoyable if not for the kiddish bells...and Dupri could shut up...but I do enjoy that song.

Don't get me wrong...Fab's flow was nice....lyrically he didn't seem lazy unlike his last effort...so I did enjoy this for a little bit.

I'd give it a **1/2 for being a straight radio-single filled CD.

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