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the disappearing rappers


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Yo Bel Air,

I feel ya about listenin to old school. I love classic hip hop, no doubt. But it would take a really long post in order to explain what happened to every single legendary rapper/rap group. The best way for you to learn more about them is google their names and read up on their biographies, look for hip hop documentaries on tv/dvd/internet, and keep listenin to their music (like Nas's "Where Are They Now remix". I learned a great deal about hip hops roots from just diggin on the net and looking up old discussion threads on sites/forums like this. So look around and you will find out all the info about what dudes are up to now a days.

And just to let you know, Biggie/Notorious BIG got shot and killed, in like, '98 or '99. He is one of the most missed rappers that have passed away too soon.

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