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Summertime 2007 Remixes

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Well i know now a few of us have managed to get our hands on promo CD's of this, that apparently is only getting released as a Downloand on the 10th of September.

I got mine through the post today.

STILL SUMMERTIME REMIX - Is a nice take on the original, nothing extraordinary but updates the sound nicely and would sound nice in your local club

SOLEFUL REMIX - I really like this, cos Jeff has completely flipped this to make it an entirely new experience. Nice male vocals of the usualy girls section compliments Will's classic raps well. Almost an entirely new JJFP Experience in our hands right here. Love it.

I managed to get mine quite easily off ebay and i know others have aswell, if your one of the few like me who still like to own a physical copy of things then hook yourself up. I would normally be willing to just upload the songs for you, but since this is a download only event i feel that we owe it to Jeff to get as many sales as poss. I guess me paying for a promo contradicts that but i am one of the ones who needs a CD in my hands. Its important as a collector.

Pick this up.

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I waz in PA the last few days. Mine waz 2 arrive in the mail 2day but i wazn't here 2 sign for it. So they left me a confirmation ticket. I now gotta take a long break while i'm at work 2 go over 2 the post office 2 pick it up.

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