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Off My Chest Pt. 1

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My rhymes iz terminal in every sense of da word

i gotta hit da pad, since all we got is da curb

im haukin up mucus and spitin it at these losers

when u destroy, destroy completely, da laws of rulers

i got bars 4 days like a gym

these is my foot soakin flos, u don't wanna see me swim

feelin hopeless cuz nobody recognizes me

feelin like I got evil hatchin up inside of me

iz da best rapper since Pac somethin Ima have 2 die to be

if so, oh well, who wanna ride wit me

im so sick of livin in this prision

no cell bars 2 see my vision

jus rapper intution

but in da dark i still hit da mark wit precision

dont stress, even tho I probably curse before I bless

jus az real as my dad iz in eternal rest

Im ressurectin da real, and burnin da rest

an i kno my message is contreversial

but Im BA, even tho it hurts 2

not be admitted 2 da O.R even tho Im so surgical

but not too many niggas operating these days are

aint lookin 4 perfect days, just somethin betta than these days are

momma kno an I kno that she raised a star

i thank GOD homie, i don't praise no stars

cuz wit a hot album, guess da outcome

I'll be where they are

that aint 2 say

that I dont wanna spit wit niggas like Jay

but reguardless how happy i seem, i can't jus up an forget da past like K

but da saddest part about it

iz suicide, i thought about it

but Im more concerned wit my kids and how they gon walk up out it

scarred 4 life, they can't pay that price

**** I couldn't deal wit it if my dad died twice

an if mama ever pass away

i pray 4 whoever pass my way

an that they watch what they say or da AK will spray

im am mentally sick, but u should kno dis ****

it shows itself in every ryhme, no matta how I flow da ****

an my life in general I can't cope wit

who knows if Id be alive if GOD didn't bless me wit dopest ****

i write every one of these ryhmes like my last testament

that's why I talk about so much 2 da best that i can spit

my gravestone seems too invitin

we need more than jus that west 2 be re-unitin

we need 2 be a united people, 2 face what we fightin

tha devil in flesh

R we even fightin the devil yes

but even I got sins, i must confess

an yes, Im a repeated offender

hell raiser born in december

how god gon' destine the hottest 2 be born in winter

I started out so innocent and lively

now I don't kno what's worse

tha demons inside of me, or what I might DIE tryin 2 be

im a painful poet, not really a rapper persay

i just kno how 2 rip a beat wit wordplay

so in dis closin arguement, I'd like 2 state

what can come from a baby feed hate

and at what rate, does he begin 2 make mistakes

an iz it death he'll face, before he completes his first tape

does god's favorite goe thru hell before the well

or am I a dellusional bastard, BORN 2 FAIL

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Damn man that some strong sh!t, keep it up let the emotions fall off man

it really is the best way, to be honest when reading it seems that u mentioned

your fathers death twice, which is cool but when we listen we gonna be like

"Well we just heard that" u know, but its your song and its dope...

Keep it up homie!


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