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Chuck & Larry or Knocked Up?

Which movie is better?  

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    • Knocked Up
    • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

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I thought these movies both had a similar feel and handled relatively unchartered subject matter, so which do u think is better?

My choice is Chuck and Larry, saw it last night and it rocked the house. I'm trying to take into account that I saw it on opening night and the theatre was packed- definitely enhancing the experience- while I saw Knocked Up to a scattered audience 3 weeks after it came out. Knocked Up is a pretty profane R, while Chuck and Larry seems to transcend the mediocrity of most PG-13 comedies.

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I had no desire 2 see Knocked Up. I'm sure i'd laugh at some of it but the style of the humor looked ultimatly distasteful. I can't wait 2 see Chuck + Larry tho.' I'm a HUGE Adam Sandler fan so i'm totally biased on that. I have seen Licensed To Wed and LOVED that movie. I laughed the whole way thru' it and even considered seeing it again b4 it leaves theaters. I've also become a big fan of Mandy Moore's movie...even the ones that are girlly...but don't tell anyone.

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Anything with Adam Sandler I avoid like the plague..

Normally I'd agree with that, but the serious tone of "Click" was welcome and this movie has Kevin James- we all saw what he could do in Hitch. I think you should try and see this.

With what AJ was saying, "Knocked Up" was fraught with potty humor and stoner humor that brought it down a couple notches for me. "Chuck and Larry" felt more original.

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this new director seems to be takign after kevin smith.. with serious issues candy coated with dick and fart jokes.. so far 40yr virgin and knocked up have gotten great reviews and done very well... ill stick with my kevin smith movies (and im seeing him on aug 2nd)

but i havent seen either but i did see 40 year old virgin which seemed to be overrated to me

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My vote goes for Chuck & Larry. Although Adam Sandler can be hit or miss(remember Little Nicky?), he is a funny dude and I've been a Kevin James fan since King of Queens. I saw Knocked Up and I thought it wasn't that funny. It had its moments but overall it was a disappointment.

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