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Whats Your Top 5 Fav. Producers, and Your 5 Fav. Beats By Them


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Post your top 5 favorite producers and list your top 5 favorite beats by them. (I got this thread topic from a different forum).

Pete Rock


*The Basement

*Carmel City

*Fakin Jax

*Take You There

DJ Premier

*Mass Appeal

*Code of the Streets


*Moment of Truth

*Its All Real

DJ Jazzy Jeff


*Twinkle Twinkle (I'm Not a Star)

*All I Know

*The Garden


5th Sequence (an underground producer)

*Hip Hop

*Cool Vibes

*The Nicest

*And I'ma Ride

*Pride an Joy

J Dilla

*Won't Do

*So Far To Go


*Time Donut of the Heart

*Are You Ready

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Wow man! thats a nice list!, my producers are the neptunes and the beats are these:

*la la la la

*gangsta lean



*hollaback youngn

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You got some dope producers on that list... My list is all about The beats.. Dont comment the lyrics of the songs or the artists.

Dr Dre:

Still Dre

Next Episode

Whats my name

Straight outta Compton

Get You Some

Just Blaze:

Return Of The Hustler

No more Fun And Games


The King's Back

Pump It Up


Get Your Walk On



Just a Baby Boy

I Luv it

Jonathan "J.R" Rotem:

They Blame Me


Push It

Doctor's Advocate

Bang Out

Polow Da Don:

Party Starter

Whatever You like

Throw Some D's

Get Buck


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  • Admin

diamond d

sally got a one track mind

best kept secret


feel the vibe

groupie therapy - pharcyde

jazzy jeff

twinkle twinkle

brand new funk


its all good


pete rock

das efx jussamen remix


lots of lovin

tell me



93 til infinity - s.o.m.

you never knew - hieroglyphics

in 20 mins - extra prolific

del - thank youse

anythin can happen -s.o.m.

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9th Wonder:

*Lovin' It

*Slow It Down

*The Way You Do It

*Good Woman Down

*Let It Go

DJ Jazzy Jeff:


*She was So Fly


*Whatever U Want

*For da Love of da game

DJ Premier:


*Moment of Truth


*When I B on hte Mic


Raper One (Peruvian Producer & MC)

*Tremendo Flow



*1 mas, 1 menos


Cachete (Another Peruvian Producer)

*Dolce Farniente

*Hardcore para Señoritas

*Haciendo Patria

*Juan Panadero

*Gracias a las Amapolas

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What, no E=MC^2 mention for Dilla?

Another classic beat by Dilla...there are way to many to choose only five.

Lets hear your top 5 list.

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