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Best Season  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite season

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Hm... It's REALLY hard to chose 1. THough i voted for Season 4, cause it has Jazzy's wedding and that episode when Jazz and Jewel are trying to get a baby. And the very first episode I saw was the one where Will disappears with some girl's daddy, when in the end it turns out that Will fooled the daddy by telling him they were away from civilization.

Though season 4 doesn't have my favorite Aunt Viv. But Season 4 for me is still the most important, because when I first saw the show in Croatia, I liked it so much I recorded it on my video camera cause there was no other way, and the episode I recorded was about Jazzy and Jewel going through their *problem*. When I got back home, and ordered the dvd's at first i ordered 1&2, then 3, then 4. And every time a new episode started i waited it to be the one about Jazz and Jewel. And i almost lost my hope when I was getting the 4th dvd. So it's like my biggest dream came true. lol

And i also happened to skip the Jazz' Wedding episode, and I was like "Hey, how come they didn't show it, and what's that "I gave you the wedding" is all about? Am I missing something?! " Cause when I watched episode after episode my dvd somehow skipped 1 episode. And that happened every other season. So I had !surprises!.

But there are some awesome episodes in each season, that you can't leave behind.

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