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OH MY GOD! it was epic. both the movie and the trailer. i just saw transformers at a pre-sale, meaning they sold it to a few towns a day early so people can just rush and see the film, and me and my friends were first in line... so during the opening trailers, everyone is talking and blah blah blah. and then the I AM LEGEND trailer pops on. some dude behind me says "oh its independence day 2" i laugh! any how, so the trailer starts to quiet down the crowd, and as soon as the shot of will going through the empty city pops up everyone just gets dead quiet and stars at the screen. no one can even move so captivated by the trailer. i loved it, it was so cool to see the crowd fall to hush at such a fast speed!

and if you get a chance defenitly check out TRANSFORMERS it was so great...

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Yo definetly go check out Transformers saw it opening day it was sick!!! yeah the I Am Legend trailer is the first of the previews before the movie, the theater was packed and as soon as the trailer started everyone got quiet haha.

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just saw transformers..great summer movie :wickedwisdom:

Yup, transformers was great. CGI was excellent and the comedy was great. There was no "I Am Legend" trailer at my threater, but there was a trailer for JJ Abram's top secret movie, Cloverfield... Here's a link for those who didn't see it or want to see it again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NNxPcgn_Dk

That looks like it's going to be sick.

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