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about the new album

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[quote=TopDawg14,Aug 20 2004, 11:39 PM]I'm not much for "jazzy" titles but how about "Still F.P."?[/quote]
:werd: That sounds like Dr. Dre when he came back wit "Still D.R.E." as his 1st single off "Chronic 2001" back in '99. It should be "Still J.J.F.P." though!
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I don't think any of us can come up with a good title cuz we havn't heard the album. A title is supposed 2 play off the entire album or stand out song song which can double as an album title.
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I agree i think they will choose a title that suits the album
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Unless they do a full fleged JJ+FP album, i doubt we'll see any stuff not tagged "Will Smith." Playing with your name (like Prince or Puffy) tends 2 get on people's nerves. FP could do it if he wanted, but it wouldn't be right unless he waz gonna go out all the way.
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