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I Am Leaving In A Week


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Got a phonecall today almost certainly confirming i'll be off to start my cruise ship job next Monday/Tuesday.

So a very busy week of planning and sorting stuff out is ahead for me as i was expecting around 2-4 weeks still before i was leaving.

That being said i am abit gutted that i will just not have the time to finish the JazzyJeff Hip Hop video i was working on. Im just not gonna have the time as i still have to get through my Training DVD aswell as see a few people before i leave and tie up some loose ends.

I'll still be around on the forum for the next week or so.


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Ahhhh! this is just a stress now.

Everything at the US Embassy went well and i got approved a Visa. Thing is they don't send me it for 3-5 working days along with my passport ithat they have.

So you tell me how i am supposed to be leaving the country early next week without a passport. lol.

I've contacted the cruise company and waiting for them to get back to me and find out when and where i will actually be leaving.

So yeh my leaving party Saturday night thing is still on, i'll just feel like a real fool if i don't actually leave for a few weeks after, or sometime silly like that.

I'll keep you posted.

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