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2 new songs of Will?

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Yeah, i waz just gonna say, if there is any truth to him recording a song called "Pocket Full of Money"...it doesn't mean it has to be a bad thing. We are just so used 2 the pointless materialistic themes in commercial rap that we'd automatically think it's about being rich and blowing money on stupid things. There's actually alot of things a song titled that could be about.

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what is windswept? i dunno what to think, but would Will write a song called pocket full of money, it sounds very 50 cent.

The title of the track may be ''Pocket full of money'' but the lyrics in it could be something compleatly different. Never judge a book by it's cover or in this case never judge a song by it's title lol

I totally agree! :thumbsup:

I hope these are some new songs by Will, I hope it's true and he's gonna make some new stuff, that'd be awesome!!! :wickedwisdom:

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Guest Guest_jedi2002jaime@hotmail.com_


ive found this that explain what it is, if the boys can get past the half naked women they can read about it lol.

Maybe some1 else knows more about this.

aye, got to agree on that one, sorry what whas the subject about?

ah yes, 2 new songs... *thinks of half naked woman again* what where we talkin about?

anyway, 2 new songs is EXELENT News! :D

any date on when they might come out?

Note: to many log in attempts , acc. froze for some mins ><

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