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Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith praise Will


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On the commentary track for "Jersey Girl" they speak very highly of Will, saying that he is truly THEE nicest person that either of them has ever met in Hollywood and its totally not a fake niceness, he's geniunely a nice person. Ben Affleck said Will told him that he could come running with him in the morning (he says Will wakes up every morning at 5 am and runs 8 miles) and Ben Affleck told him he loves him but NO WAY, that's too brutal for him. Also, Kevin James added that Will took the absolute least amount of money an actor can take to appear in the movie. Also, its a very good movie. It got trashed because "Gigli" came out right before it so automatically the critics and the people didn't want to see another film with ben and jen in it, but its a very nice film. will's scene is the best, of course.

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Yeah, i listened 2 the commentary back when it 1st came out on DVD. I gotta say that i don't think the movie waz that good. Very average 2 boring depending on the moment. I think it's funny that it's loosly based around "Rock The House" and JJ+FP. FP's scene is the best scene in the movie and contains 90% of anything in the movie that actually means anything. I love the idea of the movie, i just don't think it waz done right. I haven't watched it since 2004...maybe i'll have 2 give it another try. It's the only FP movie i've watched once.

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