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Mase's Album "Welcome Back" On MTV's Leak!!!!

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Since Rap music has declined so drastically since the late 90's, i waz actually hyped 2 hear Mase waz coming back (and i hated him back then). Just 2 know some goofy guy who wazn't scared 2 smile and come back clean got me hyped...but that hype is over. I'll never diss him like i used 2 cuz he's not awful as alot of people out now....but i am remember why i didn't like him much back then. I still like the idea that he's watching his rhymes these days. If that album ain't bad, i'll get it...but my hype has defintly gone away.
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I kinda had what AJ said, but I dont think Mace was ever big ova here but I knew who he was cus we just had that song he and puffy did for Biggie, but I tought it was cool he was comming back becouse I knew he went into christianity and such but really hes just terible I cant understand how people like him he just mumbles.
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I used 2 say he had down syndrome...that waz kinda ignorant tho.' I like this positive new style...but i also watched some old videos when i bought the Bad Boy 10 Anniversary CD on the bonus DVD and his goofy dancing and big smiles made me kinda apprieciate how he wazn't taking himself 2 serious.
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