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Guest Marco

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Guest Marco

this is really important to me..so:

Y'all do me a favor!!! read this and then sign the petition, and perhaps repost it...plz!!!


The last episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" was officially aired on May 20th 1996. That makes 4010 days or 10 years, 11 months and 23 days until today. On May 20th 2007 it will be 11 long years since the last episode.

As true fans we all were a little bit dissapointed and sad with the show's ending, with Carlton not saying goodbye to Will and everybody moving on and living their own life. We all remember the show as something that was a part of our lifes and something that we could take part in. No matter what it was: Carlton's tab dance, Hilary's attitude, Geoffrey's sarcasm or Will's fat jokes, we all had something we loved about the show. Though there are reruns of single seasons and yet there are DVD boxes for the first four seasons, all of that can not replace a happy reunion episode and a satisfying end. THAT'S WHY I CREATED THIS PETITION!!!

This show reminds us of the good and sweet times in the 90s, when cell phones were handy as bricks and peepers where actually hip. Let us revive those good times and not care about the time that has passed.

Though there have been rumours of a reunion episode airing on 1/1/08, it is highly questionable if there is any truth to this.

Let our opinion be heard and sign this petition to put an end to this unsatisfying situation.


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Guest snow

i really do hope they doo a reunion show because ive been watchin the program for ages now over a year and from what i see its gotta be the best show ive seen yes he made of had critics saying he was soft and that but its paid off cause look where hes at now and i wish will n jazz could do a old hip hop song of the style from their homebase album or something

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link doesn't work and i write this in small letters;)

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