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Grammy Award Winning Rapper Chamillionaire going profanity free


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Grammy Award Winning Rapper Chamillionaire Profanity Free; Ditches 'N' Word On New LP

By Danielle Harling and Dove

Date: 4/27/2007 6:15 pm

With the debate over the use of language in Hip-Hop gaining momentum by the day, few rappers have spoken on the issue until now.

Houston rapper Chamillionaire has garnered much success with No. 1 hits like "Ridin" and has risen to prominence on the Houston mixtape circuit, but what most people may not know is that Chamillionaire rarely sacrifices lyrical content for profanities.

“On my new album I don’t say the word n***a, I don’t curse nowhere on my whole album,” Chamillionaire told AllHipHop.com. “People are not even gonna know it. I guarantee if I don’t go out and say it in the media they’re not even gonna realize that. People go back and listen to all of my old mixtapes and don’t even realize that I wasn’t even doing all that type of stuff. I was saying n***a, but I wasn’t saying the 'f' word or [the] 'b' word. I was never saying those types of things...I hear that so much and it restricts your creativity and how far it can go.”

Chamillionaire, who was recently certified by the RIAA as the first multi-platinum Mastertone artist in history, is the son of a Muslim father and Christian mother.

The Grammy Award winning rapper, born Hakeem Seriki has sold millions of records.

He said that Hip-Hop is the art form that seems to be targeted the most when it comes to language, but other mediums will still promote the use of profanities.

Chamillionaire also said that the recent criticism and finger pointing at Hip-Hop was only creating a bigger generational gap.

"People going to get rap CDs and rolling them over with steamrollers, what is that doing? That aint doing nothing but creating rebellion and people need to realize that," Chamillionaire explained.

Chamillionaire recently released the single "I'm Not A Criminal" featuring Kelis and a remix to the song featuring Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes.

The singles are the first releases from Chamillionaire's upcoming album titled Ultimate Victory.

“I don’t get caught up in the actual ‘This word is bad’ because with everything you take away there’s gonna be something there to replace it,” Chamillionaire told AllHipHop.com. "Everybody needs to focus their direction on these younger kids that are looking at them. If we help raise them right this is gonna be the new generation and this new generation is gonna be more like me maybe and just don’t curse or brag about being a gangster."

Ultimate Victory is slated to hit stores this summer.

The album features appearances by Snoop Dogg, Pimp C, Slick Rick, Lil' Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Devin The Dude and others.

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I like Chamillionaire, the more music that I hear of his, the more I like it. He seems like he has his head on straight.

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when I heard him on mixtapes ...i was not a fan...i disliked his songs..."stay true" was the first I heard from him...and I just really disliked his rapping...

but i've seen him in interviews and he carries himself better than any rapper in the game today. he'll wear a suit if he should, he'll sacrifice street slang for descriptive explanations in interviews...and this now...

seriously, if there is ever a way to at least make me revisit a rapper i initially swore off, it's showing the unbelievable respect he shows not only to the industry but his consumers... :thumbsup:

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  • Admin

I can just imagine record labels pressuring them.. you gotta swear.. you gotta rap about guns drugs violence hoes and your cars and clothes.. thats whats hot right now! bah :paperbag:

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I give him props for that. Reguardless of the outcome, seeing someone making the effort gets my respect.

I'm still wondering about that LL album. No news about has come out about it in months. Seems like a forced or careless move on his part...directly releated 2 Jay-Z's ridiculous business-mind.

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Got a lot of respect for Chamillionaire. Maybe this profanity-free thing is a publicity stunt, but hey I welcome it. His debut album was relatively profanity free except the guest artists on there. I just don't care to hear the word b**** in the music ever, or any slang terms of woman's private parts but every other word is fair game I believe. Chamillionaire is a solid rapper, nothing revolutionary or avant garde, and even though his voice sounds a lot like 50's, he's a much better rapper.

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The profanity free is no publicity stunt. I never caught Chamillionaire dropping bad words, hardly ever. It was slim to none every song. Chamillionaire is not the typical mainstream rapper of today's world. He really didn't even have to announce it. He does everything creatively he can. He's not all about one thing, like material gloating.

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