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This is actually pretty embarassing. Why i'm left ?uestioning the level of respect i had for Eve, the list at the end of this posts is actually pretty ridiculous. Most of these people are idiots. Mos Def's case is just stupid...and a few of them are debatable how true they are. But ones like Tony Yayo's are just stupid. Even people who actually think his music is good can't respect that.

Rapper Eve Arrested for Drunk Driving


LOS ANGELES (April 26) -- Rapper-actress Eve was arrested for investigation of driving under the influence after she crashed a Maserati in Hollywood early Thursday.

The crash occurred about 2:45 a.m. on Hollywood Boulevard, said police Officer Martha Garcia. Eve, whose full name is Eve Jeffers, submitted to testing to determine her blood alcohol level, but the results weren't immediately available, Garcia said.

Eve was booked on misdemeanor drunken driving and posted $30,000 bail. She is scheduled to return to court May 17.

A phone message left for her attorney, Matthew Johnson, wasn't immediately returned. Publicist Amanda Silverman said she had no immediate comment.

Eve broke into hip-hop as a protege of gangsta rap pioneer Dr. Dre. She won a Grammy Award for the single "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" with Gwen Stefani .

Her screen credits include "XXX," "Barbershop" and its sequel. She also had her own self-titled sitcom on UPN.


Rapper-actress Eve was arrested for misdemeanor drunk driving after crashing her Maserati at 2:45 a.m. on Hollywood Boulevard.

Snoop's brushes with the law continue, as he's finally charged for being in possession of a gun and drugs back in October.

A Manhattan Criminal Court judge determined Busta Rhymes will stand trial on two assault charges.

Tony Yayo (right), a member of 50 Cent's G-Unit rap crew, was arrested on suspicion of slapping and hitting a 14-year-old boy.

An arrest warrant was issued for rapper Foxy Brown after she failed to appear in court on charges stemming from her alleged attack of a beauty store employee.

Prosecutors dropped charges against Kid Rock that he shoved a woman face-first into a snowbank after a night of drinking, citing "differing eyewitness accounts."

Busta Rhymes refused to aid an NYPD investigation into a 2006 shooting. Now he's barred from the set of his newest film, scenes of which are being shot in New York.

A police document shows that bad boy Sean 'Diddy' Combs is accused of being involved in an incident where a man was punched in the face.

Jason "Jadakiss" Phillips pleaded not guilty following an indictment on charges of criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana.

David Darnell Brown, aka Young Buck, was arrested on an outstanding warrant after an officer said he observed Brown weaving in his black Cadillac Escalade.

Rapper 50 Cent was busted Sept. 8, 2006 for an unsafe lane change, driving with an expired permit, driving without insurance and vehicle registration.

Noreaga, now known as N.O.R.E., testified on behalf of Darryl Henderson, who is on trial for a triple murder near Yankee Stadium.

Two months following his arrest for drug possession, Lil' Wayne may face charges for throwing money into the crowd at a concert, thereby causing a melee.

Fabolous was accused of possessing two loaded guns after being shot in the thigh Tue., Oct. 17.

Mos Def's impromptu concert on a flatbed truck outside the MTV Awards was shut down by cops who said he was "playing without a permit."

Lil' Kim was released from prison in July 2006 after serving time for conspiracy and perjury. While in jail she kept busy by writing over 200 songs.

Eminem was picked up twice in 2002 on weapons charges, once for waving a gun at fellow Detroit natives Insane Clown Posse.

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And they wonder why rap music gets a bad rap. literally.

In order for this music to change for the better, these 'rappers' who are role models for young people on the radio and television need to first clean up their life and their music and create a positive message. It seems as if once a new rapper has a hit record, they get the money quick and think they can do whatever the hell they want. Especially Snoop, he gets arrested and buys himself out pretty much. And theres gonna be a hip-hop summit meeting soon? well, they really have alot to talk about. there is no unity in rap anymore, no nothing. It pretty much is dead.

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Jeez. I was most shocked at the "14 yr old boy getting slapped around" by Yayo. Stupid mistakes. "Young & dumb" as my dad likes to say. Maybe these people are living and/or grew up under bad/no guidance. Whatever these problems are starting, it needs to stop.

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