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Sucks joining a forum like this so late.


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now that I think of it, when I say "sometimes rarely still do," it's more to the frustration that not even Virgin Records in NYC has Rock The House :shakehead:

that is true, but I think its actually not being printed. I have seen He's the DJ a lot lately, especially at Virgin Records at Union Square, as well as copied of homebase at times, however I've never seen And in this corner or Code red, unless I special order them.

yes, I know this is off topic, but yes...welcome to the forum once again, ha ha.

I've seen And in this Corner and Code Red...more than one copy too..at Virgin Records in Times Square but no luck with Rock the House...I asked an attendant and she immediately said "That's way too far back.." and I was just stunned. "Late 1980's is too far back?" :wtf: (frustration) :wtf:

welcome to the forum Ericky!! just stick around and have a good time, everyones here to help!!!

oh yeah and bob, sometimes you can find the best of things on ebay if you make sure its right firstly, this is what my experience tells me...

I've heard of soo many bad stories regarding ebay that it just has me I guess a little paranoid lol. Someday I definitely want to get those last 5 tracks to my collection, but I'm holding out for some kind of re-release? or it appearing on a shelf of a local cd shop...

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