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So how has everyones year started in general.

Mine has been up and down but promising. I left my job working at the Hotel a month ago to spend a couple of months concentrating on career plans. I had a big interview this week for a cruise ship firm. I'd be travelling the world making holiday and tour videos for the passengers. I was up against 3 other men in the interview so fingers crossed. I won't be finding out though for a couple of weeks which sucks abit.

I've also started seeing this girl. She's not really the type of girl i thought i'd ever go for as she's pretty loud at times lol. But she is sweet and we just clicked, so i'd be a fool not to give it a go. Plus we were both in the pub last night singing along to Wild Wild West with a few friends lol.

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This year has been fantastic for me so.

- Released my single 'Wannabe' on iTunes

- Did 'Keeler' and got to work and be directed by some influential/great people

- Had a very promising meeting with a management/record company...(watch this space)

- I got engaged

- Acting work in general has been great and looking great for the future

- Got back in shape physically

And its only April!!

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this year has been very good for me.. health at optimum levels.. finally doing sumthing i'm enjoying.. this journalism course at university/college and just managed to pull off a very successful australian pm dawn tour with my man ether.. mentally I feel very strong..so bring on the rest of 07

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This year:

I got a new girlfriend (in the very beginning of 07, Jan. 2), I'm still with her

-But I don't see her as much as I'd like to

I entered an audio battle, promised more music from me soon

-Soon has not come yet

I passed all my classes in Winter quarter

-But I only took three

I saved 300 children from a burning orphanage

-But it was the "Orphanage of the Evil"- city gave me the "Thanks a lot, Jackass" award

Last night I downloaded Super Mario World onto my Wii

-But the batteries in my Wii remotes are dead

Overall, I think I better get back to writing music and not just listening to it.

God Blessa!

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-Passed my failed subject Math at college

-Learned to make beats

-Met a new girl, tryin to take that relation to the next level

-Turned officially to adult :D

-Got a car and my license

-Still tryin to finish my Mixtape

-Lovin even more my career

Thats it so far :)

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-Broke up with my girlfriend.....in retrospect, probbaly should have done it a lot sooner, so its more of a good thing.

-Meeting a crap load of new people at college

-Feeling great

-looking for a new female

-got a 5 string bass (f**kin' awesome!!!)

-and just today got Vinyls of B2R, Will 2k(single), Switch(single) and Party Starter(single) for a total of $9.71!!!!!

-Gonna start my music major next semester, but I still have some required classes to do, which sucks.

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Ever feel like u are in a period of life where u are in the middle of the calm right b4 the storm (i'm talking about a good storm)? Well, that's where i feel i am.

In recent months, i've totally switched up my diet for the better. I've always been thin, but i just felt i needed 2 better educate myself on how 2 eat better. And while my diet isn't as strict as it eventually will be, i can see and feel the difference. I haven't stayed totally commited 2 working out regularly, but that's always been a small part of what i do 4 myself. I'm also doing my first show in about a year (i used 2 do about 10 a year) and while i can't say it's a show i wanted 2 do, i'm just happy 2 be on stage again.

My photography studio has been doing really well 2. The company is strengthening itself by closing alot of the weaker studios, but i gotten a good raise and my studio is doing great. I've also promoted 3 managers and have finally got 2 kick my feet up a bit and put in some vacation time. This summer, i think i may finally take one of the few college classes i didn't take a few years back and finally get my degree. I'm also getting a new car soon. I love my old one, but i just think it's time for something new since my current one is getting older and needs some repairs. After that, i plan on finally getting my own place. I have a great family situation that has just kept me at home, but i feel it's time 2 finally get out their on my own.

And for those of u who don't know, i used 2 write alot. However, since 2000ish, i've written very little. However, me a my long time potna in rhyme have talked about getting 2gether and creating music again and recording it...new stuff and old stuff. Who knows, if i focus on this, it'll be during the summertime.

Lastly, on the lovelife front, things remain pathetic...haha. There's this one girl i've always liked but since i felt ready 2 act on it, she started seeing some guy. So i'm stuck between respecting what they have and stepping up anyway 2 see what happens. For the most part, that idea has been pushed 2 the back of my head becuz my last girlfriend, the one i who i thought waz the one, has married the guy she started seeing after me. It opened alot of wounds which is keeping me from really focusing on that aspect of life.

So after the new car and my own place, i'm gonna start focusing on my dinner theater and center for the arts. There's tons of artists in my area but 4 the most part, there is no outlet 4 it. I'm hoping 2 provide just that for the actors, singers, emcees, dancers, painters, photographers, and other artists.

I guess it's all about he hustle right now. It seems like the last 2 or 3 years of my life have been filled with the wrong things. So i'm focusing on filling it with the rightings, accomplishing alot and getting the stress and "to-do lists" out of my life.

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I agree with the whole calm before the strom thing, i'm in the same place,

I managed to talk myself onto a good film production course at uni, so i'm really excited about moving away, i've lived in the same city all my life and getting away is what i've always wanted, so for me this year doesn't really start until september, hense the calm before the storm

i'm going to reading festival, weekend after my birthday which is going to be an amazing weekend

hopfully spending the weekend of my birthday in new york

more comfortable with the group of friends i have now

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same old same old for me!

Now over half way through uni, which sucks because it's going way too fast.

I'm now properly seeing the most beautiful girl at Lancaster Uni after a weirdass xmas holiday of neither of us knowing what was going on!

Turned 20, which is scary. But i've managed to convince myself that I'm not officially 20 until I leave university, because I'm not ready to be 20 yet!!!

Just need to keep grinding on and get a first in all my exams in May and June, work at the hardware store as much as I can over summer and when I'm not working do as much fun/interesting/outgoing stuff as possible with friends and my girl.

Should be good. I've been totally living by "Work Hard, Play Hard" the past few months - it's working.

And fellas with ladyfriend problems if there's one main thing I've learnt over the past few months... be A REAL MAN, that's what women want, and good things definitelty do come to those who wait. That is all!

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For me personally, this year is a bust so far for me.

Exactly one year ago, I was a senior in High School. I was having the time of my life. I was in love, senior trip to Disney World, Senior Prom, Graduation, Summertime..etc. This year is the complete opposite. Nothing to look forward to. I guess this is hugely in part to me going to community college here and not going away some where. Its kinda depressing how I'm not in high school cause I do miss it alot. I'm a freshman in college now in the spring semester and grades things are looking good for the most part. I just have to break lazy habits here and there.

I'm working everyday just about at the local grocery store stocking dairy products. Its bringing in the money but i need to improve money saving skills.

Personal life, I've been doing the gym thing in my free time. I'm in the best shape of my life/just goes to show you/no scrapes or fender benders/lead the game total... haha nah seriously im looking better than ever and it continues to drive me.

I have no girlfriend but I'm liking this one girl despite she has a horrible boyfriend. I just wish I had a girl to fall in love with because I miss that feeling and I love it and would like it back.

Family front - everyone is healthy thank God and hopefully it continues.


Props - Great post.

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This year has been great for me so far, at new year i had this weird feeling it would be a good one even tho i was waiting for some exam results to come thru at the time. Turns out i passed the exam and finally qualified as a veterinary nurse which was my shadow dream, bcoz of that i have tonnes more free time. ive just been able to go out more, parties ,pub, concerts, shows, joined a dance class and stuff. I got a big pay rise bcoz of my qualification woohoo. Still single which is normal yet annoying. But best of all this summer is going to be great, im going to Greece, im going to be a bridesmaid for the first time, its my best friends 21st (hours of partying), my birthday, loads of stuff.

Only downside to this year is my rabbit has a really bad lump which is cancer, either he has a few months to live or i go for a big op which involves ribs being removed, but i'll worry about that when it comes to it.

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Untill now, all I can say it was an intresting year. I heavily got played by a girl, which endet great caus caus of what she did to me, me and Maike (Who was my best friend for two year's) hooked up two month's ago. We been feeling each other like that for a long time, but we never had the gut's to do it. Now we did it, and it's beautifull. We both dont have a solid fammily life, and we kinda give each other a home. She live's 3 hours away tho, which aint that great ofcourse, but we still manage to see each othe ever second weekend for three nights, and sometimes even more or for longer (She just been here two week's and I'm going there for tow week's in about two week's).

My school is going decent, caus I been trying to get up in rank caus I wanna finish on the best way caus I might want to move to a other country after school (Right now Germany's on my mind).

I'm dealing with a depression and panic attack's for a few month's now, which ofcourse is getting me down. But I'm going to see a psychologist real soon, which I hope will be able to help me for my sake, and for my baby's sake.

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I'm dealing with a depression and panic attack's for a few month's now, which ofcourse is getting me down. But I'm going to see a psychologist real soon, which I hope will be able to help me for my sake, and for my baby's sake.

Whoa...I'm really sorry to hear that man...I hope the shrink sessions help you out....All the best dude! :thumbsup:

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