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Ok, here's my notes.

Where I Stand - Scratch idea was cool, but it could've been better to scratch lyrics to fit what "Concept" was all about. U had nice aggressiveness, fairly good.

Precipitation - Very smart & cool. Production was good, and you being deep.

Stop the Clock - Nice sample. Lyrics was cool. I think you could've left the sound effects out on this song. Overall, this track is a fav for me.

Coppa - Would've been a lot better if the sample was more rhythmicly sync. If the beat was on, you could've flow'd a lot smoother. Otherwise, this would've been a fav as well. The beat's offness just kept that from happening.

Like a Little Kid - One I think most would skip. Since I know a lil better personally, I could get the Mos Def "Children's Story" idea.

Apocolypse Now - Vocals should've been lowered. Echo was overdone. I think if you'd a tried different echo technique and levels, the song couuld be better than what it is.

Planet Earth - Another track that could've done without sound effects

Complete Anatomy- Beat sounded off. Lyrical delivery was cool

2050 - Decent beat. Could've rapped stronger in telling it as a story the way you did. Nice thinking ahead.

The Concept Effect - Love the intro. Beat was awesome. Lyrically U were smooth. Probably my most favorite.

Blind - Guitar could've been better. Beat thru U off. Sounded like U tried to hard to sing. I could tell your rock band presence a lil bit tho.

Writers Block / Inspiration - Felt your honesty. Liked the beat change up. Your parents, I don't know. The 4:35 beat was cool. Lyrics was nice.


Lyrics: B

Flow: C (U got off, could've delivered some songs better, or approached tracks different.

Overall: 3/5 or 6.25/10

I take my hat off to U for all the work U put in. I don't know if your cover matched the sound of your cd. I think you could've allowed photos to be more personal, like "studio" or around friends, in school, etc. The electicness of your beats and lyrics is a skill you could truly take advantage off.

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