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Will Smith joke from some sitcom


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I was just watching some random sitcom called Clueless, episode 31. They made some half-funny jokes involving Will, with some cool music references. It was a scene where some kind of secretary was supposed to call Will Smith and he said "Should I check under F as in Fresh or P as in Prince?" and later, when on the phone, this dude says "It was a smart move to dump Jazzy Jeff, I think he held you back". Smith seems to answer something (but you cant here it) and the secretary dude gets worried and answers "Oh, but you know, he's a good musician as well" or something like that.

Not worth seeing, but a bit cool anyway..

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funny reference.. reminds me that I've seen a JJFP reference on everybody hates chris like 2 weeks ago.. the whole episode was about djs and chris :dj: said 'Rappers are the big stars now, but back then it was the DJs. DJ Jazzy Jeff actually had top billing over the Fresh Prince.." got me laughing pretty hard :lolsign:

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The movie was ment as a kick-off for the sitcom. Get you'r clueless fact's stragtht, you'r talkin' to a fan right here :lolsign: That episode was fun yeah.
I love the pic in your signature :1-say-yes: Edited by didier emiliot
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