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Will playing snooker in japan

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I'll watch this on my friend's computer so mine doesn't blow up. But if it's from some Japan show, it has 2 be funny...people from Japan are crazy. My ignorance on culture has me thinking they are all like the people u see on Most Extreem Challenge.

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Why arnt the British and American interviews this fun.



Woooow that's great!!!

Sorry guys I'm bringin this a lil old post up again but what are they talkin about in the beginning???

What is Will doing there with the little figure?

It is funny tho'!!! :D :D

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There is a video of will, kind of freestlying on dailymotion.com its filmed of a computer screen so the quality isn't that great, but i think it's the one you want

But yeah will is amazin at pool, especially with the first nine ball shot in to the middle pocket.


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