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I can't wait for transformers, it's going to be one of the coolest movies ever, Will being in it doesn't really effect me watching it or not

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Hmm i dunno this is a grey area, something like this is done in post production which they are probably heavily in right now

it depends on how important the character is in the story

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True, but the voices are usually done b4 the animation so that the characters expression and action fit the lines. On top of that, the mouths need 2 move at the same time. I know Mike Myers or Eddie Murphy's voice overs were recorded 3 years before Shreck even hit movie theaters. Just seems highly unlikely. Besides, the site is still using a late 90's pic of FP with the "news"...ha ha.

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not ture, i searched IMBD and came up with a list of everyone involved, no will........sry guyz


Well, I dont think Will is gonna be in the movie. But you cant allways trust IMDB, Just look at the casting for the movie grindhouse and then look at the trailer. On IMDB Bruce Willis is not listed, but in the trailer you can see him clearly many times... IMDB is not allways right

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