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My WS part of life...


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So I wanted to tell you what happend during the time I wasn't here, first of all I want to say i'm sorry that I havn't been here in all your b.days.

I'm 11 month in the aramy, the aramy joind me to the police force in Israel co's we don't have alot of cops, so I keep the order in Israel now, I have 25 more month to burn, now i'm in a week off (every 4 month +- we have a week off).

I bought the music video collection in like 5$, it lade there in the corner all dusty, and the seller told me it's 5$ I asked really??? and bought it amiddietly (u can c the stick on the cover that written "special price").

my friend told me he saw 2 cd of will in crazy price that I got 2 c... I saw the gratest hits in like 1.5 $ and a Willenuim in 5 $ I bought another Willenium wltho I have 1 already, it's never to bad to have another 1 and in funny price like that it's a MUST, they were all dusty, and they were so alone, I had to save them.

my sister bought me FPOBA 1 translated, it's just GREAT, then I bought the secound season (ok ok my father gave me the money!), I wanted to buy the 3rd but it was to expencive, so ill waite until the prince will b lower... I couldent find the last cd of WS+JJ anywhere...

I saw the premire of Pressuit of HappYness with my mother and she cried (awww she is sooo touchy sometimes) she said it's a great movie and WS is a great actor, and who am I that dissagree?

this is my collectin


our goverment is falling apart, another war about to bust, Iran going to have an atom bomb, but I can't ran away... altho all the preoblems here...

during my time in the police and druing the last 2 years I realsed my first album in Hebrew called "Ze Adir" (you can call it - Adir is(=) Magnificent).

<---------This is the cover - I sell it in Israel in 5 $

This is me with some copies


Ze Adir - The official website

I don't know how much u could help me, I'm participating in a contest right now and the number 1 palce will prefom infront of 15000 ppl.


If you could c it, you need to press the number 50 and write a code then press the 5 and write the code.

I hope I'll get more time to be here more.

I miss you guys alottt...

Hope to write you soon.


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