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Too Far To Reach (lyrics/track)


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Heres the link to the song....


Evertime I try to grow up....Things hold me back

being a kid, has its advantages,you know.... sometimes

I just need to be free....Sometimes I just needa be me

I feel like sometimes, in my life

things aint meant to turn out right

I like to live my life in the light

but it aint right, my insight

got me missing me dreams

an my shots the seem...

to blare off, their off, they never hit straight

I'm three months late, feeling lik my life is disaster

my album aint released yet, 6 months after

I'm living, and dieing at the same time

contradiction, got my thinking they lieing

that birds on walking, an that humans are flying

man im so damn sick of trying..

I aint seen my life, through the eyes of others

but why can't we all just love each other

I got a girl, an she beautiful

an I can't figure out if its suitable

I'm misreable, an I'm really confused

Ya'll is laughing, while i aint amused

Its seems like when I'm wining all i do loose

I can;t fuse the two togather,

an I'm missing point, through all this weather, weather

or not I choose to accept it

It's always going to be rejection

they aint love me, an i don't either

sometimes I just wanna pull out the hearter

take a breather, and put it to my head

but whats left to solve, when I'm lying there dead

Bullet in my head, all the blood on my bed

its red, an its painful, learing to take the pain slow

cut my wrists slice straight up,

hiding the emotional scars with make-up

they-just, learing this now

no psychartrist could even help out,

I lost so much in this life of mine

they don't even know my name is brian

they don't even know who i am

damn, an when i try to be a man

noone lends a helping hand, damn

I'm sick of my life, when am i ever gonan do things right

its like, I don't know where to walk

an I'm so speechless, I'm afraid to talk

chalk surrounds my body an i lye there

sould is lifted, they like why care

I'm like finally, an they're like why him

damn it seems i just can't win

the light is dim, an i can;t see

an latly its been kinda hard to breathe

an it seems like heaven is to far to reach

to far to reach, to far to reach,

seems liek heaven is to far to reach..

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