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dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince 2007 grammys?


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The Recording Academy announced today that current multi-nominees singer/songwriter James Blunt and rapper T.I. will perform on the 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards, and six-time GRAMMY winners Earth, Wind & Fire will join previously announced performers Mary J. Blige and Ludacris in a special GRAMMY segment.

grammy segment, that could be it maybe????


Another source:

The 49th Annual Grammy® Awards are just days away, and The Recording Academy has unveiled an all-star stage mash-up featuring legendary funk band EARTH, WIND & FIRE, MARY J. BLIGE and LUDACRIS!


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I didn't catch the beginning....but i saw most of it. The show had some good moments and some boring moments (as usual). I didn't see any sign of JJ+FP. I didn't read any news or see any pix of them either. Mary J. Blige, Lionel Ritchie, Smokey Robinson, and Christina Aguilera were great. Chris Brown did more dancing then singing. I'm sure he's capable of more than that. Justin Timberlake did alright...but i think the winner of that contest shined more than he did. I don't think i liked any of the winners. All those people who won over MJB...puh-leeze. Ludacris over Lupe Fiasco and The Roots...embarassing. And if i see the Dixie Chicks on TV anymore this month, i'll go insane.

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