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Vote: 6 Luigie vs 3 SilverTiger


And the winner is...  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Who won in this battle matchup?

    • 6 Luigie
    • 3 SilverTiger

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My thoughts on this:

Disappointment. I'm not only skeptical of the numbers but I'm disappointed in the turnout. I think Luigie is better than he was during the first Audio Battle but I feel my verse was better. But that's just my opinion. I've never seen such a low turnout in votes. Taking away my vote and taking away Luigie's vote that means that a grand total of 4 people voted while 9 people voted in the Lerkot vs. Da Ace competition. And of those 4 people none of them gave any comments. I think Da Brakes' dropout really tampered with people's interest in the battle (Brakes, congratulations but you picked a really bad time for me!). At least that's the most logical conclusion I can come up with concerning these poll results.

At the same time, I'm a little glad I didn't have to continue. It's time consuming and it's tricky to do with a girlfriend and school pulling at your time... but the key word is "little." I really enjoy doing the battles. I'm confused over the results but that's life I suppose. But I may be so passive because I'm writing this at 2:30 in the morning.

I will continue to write and record. I'll continue to enjoy it. At the end of the day I'm still Chris.

God Blessa!

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Whats the point in complaining, whats done is done, i was told by a few people my verse was better than silvers, but i didnt complain, and to be honest, i would of voted 4 luigie regardless, not because u beat me because lugies verse came with more punches....

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I'm really disappointed that you guys see it that way. I said it was my own opinion that my verse was better. If I demanded an extension or something then you could call me a "crybaby." I'm giving you my honest thoughts on this and my honest thoughts are that not enough people voted. If Luigie got votes of 10 to 1 then so be it, at least people voted. I would be silently surprised but surprised no less. I really don't think I came off as complaining but if it looks that way then I'm sorry. The word is disappointed. I've felt like I did better in other battles that others beat me in but I stayed quiet no problem because, hey, at least people voted. Joe, you said you would have voted for Luigie anyway. That's part of my problem- you would have.

I'd also like to make it clear that I'm not attacking Luigie in any way. Even my disappointment and surprise is waning. It's sort of getting replaced by anger at Turntable and Joe, lol. Don't get on me for voicing my thoughts on this. Get on me when I start bitching about it or get off my back.


God Blessa!

Edited by Silver Tiger
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I don't think Chris is a crybaby at all. Sorry for not voting on this but I've been tied up with a few things! Just because he is voicing his opinion doesn't mean he is acting childish or being a baby.

All he is stating is that he wishes more people would have shown interest and voted. I mean 5 votes altogether is not that great!

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I Could of voted, if I was accesible to a computer at the time, I jus got back from a weekend holiday in prague with no internet connection, I would of voted for all of your battles, I was the same as Brakes I was tied up with one thing or another...Im sorry chris for not voting.

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