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Vote: 2 DaAce vs 7 Lerkot


And the winner is...  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Who won in this matchup?

    • 2 DaAce
    • 7 Lerkot

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its called a concept...

first round fresh-to-def said "... unless ace stands for one"

then the krs-one - still #1 sample followed with the beat... "ghostface killah - one"

so im basically stating that im number one right now and all he can be is two at best

two = bi and i took his "bye" round and flipped it on him

vote with me or against me but this is a battle, any ammo i can store up to use, ima take it

and plus you seem a little offended that i mentioned "bi", i couldve said faggot, homo, etc... but i kept it clean... if you have a grudge speak up, other than that dont try to stir up things by instigating with comments such as "texas thing", if your trying to attack my style at Lerkot, who was fine with what i said, then why dont you step in the battle circuit and speak up there


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