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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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2 Da Ace vs 5 Fresh-Ta-Def


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Use any beat to your liking

1 minute Time Limit for your verse

You each have 3 Days MAX to complete and link your audio.

Coin Toss determines that Da Ace the higher seed (the lower number) goes first for this matchup.

Da Ace (submit your verse by January 29th)

Good luck to both Contestants


2nd JJFP Audio Battle Tournament Bracket

1 Da Brakes

6 Luigie


3 SilverTiger

4 J-o-e



2 Da Ace

5 Fresh-Ta-Def


7 Lerkot (receives a bye, waiting for the winner of 'Da Ace/Fresh-Ta-Def' matchup)


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fresh to def is next to death i'll wreck the set

and have his fans yelling more wu's (wooo's) than inspectah deck so why did you accept the bet

your chromosones are more than blown

cause you winning is like you going home and hanging yourself with a cordless phone

i broke your bones who else could it be, the truest of mc's

fast enough to shoot a gat and catch the bullet in my teeth

fast enough to race the future cause the future is in me

before you know you lost i erased what you knew like MIB's

so i'll double your jeapardy if you come up and step to me

having you "jumpin" "saying my name" your in trouble with "destiny"

so rebuttal the recipe you wont puzzle the best mc

all your writtens will fall off as if you stumbled with leprosy

ive become a neccessity something often legit

im like boss and manager with people calling me sick

im flawless with this, sharp as knifes lyrics tend to scar the mic

you must play left field cause what you say is far from right

its harlem nights you better call ya momma

cause beating me is like saying you saw osama cause some drama with the dalai lama

and the beef was hot as sauna's and you caught a bomber

that sprawled nirvana... thats what i call some karma

you must be def if you aint heard the style i bring

since you fresh i'll eat you like fruit and spit your bones out like flower seeds

Edited by DaAce
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DaAce Diss

I blow **** up, they comparin me to tanks/

dude aol name's blankman, cause he's shootin blanks/*1

the kids from texas, well i hope he proudly falls/

when he first came to this board he was like howdy ya'll/*2

I don't understand why ya names da ace son/

you aint da ace, unless ace stand for one/*3

I'm the king of hearts, no heist (startin fiveish)/*4

you must be the queen, cuase in this battle your my b***h/*5

matta fact...was a rhyme book on ya wish list/

cause the only time you really wrappin dawg is at christmas/*6

my hitlist said " Da Ace" what chu talkin about/

ll's mom told me ta "knock this kid out"/*7

well... i got a minute, 40seconds has passed/

this kids to embarrased to change in gym class/*8

oops i came again, man thats ok/

i checked his profile "no friends to display"/(they hate you)*9

first time in this competition, imma take first spot/

imma murder you Ace, then I'mm kill lerkot/*10

one last thing, fuq this musta been a test/

cause this dude gets no attention like chicks wit no breats/*11

Explanation---Incase you don't understand---

*1 - in his profile it says his Aol is "Ace aka BlankMan"

*2 - People from Texas in movies are like western

*3 - Ace can stand for 11 or 1, being the higest or lowest

*4 - Heist (startin Five) was a song made by DaAce I'm sayin I'm The king, and that his track sucks

*5 - Queen is a girl in the deck of cards, and I'm saying i control him

*6 - Rhyme Book + christmas = "W"raping

*7 - Saying he's on my hitlist because LL cool J's mom said knock him out.. Refering to LL's song "momma said knock you out"

*8 - pretty self explanitory

*9 - His profile also said "no friends to display"- so I called him a loner and that people don't like him

*10 - Say's in the tournament bracket that Winner faces lerkot

*11 - Self Explanitory

Edited by Fresh-Ta-Def
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