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I got engaged!

Da Brakes

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Just thought I'd let my online fam know that I got engaged on Monday!!! I couldn't be happier!! Katie was ecstatic! I thought I was gonna have to take her to hospital!! Roll on 2008!!

:woot: :strip: :thumbsup: :trio: :jusmindyabizness: :angelamor: :azzangel: :switch: :drunk: :party: :mygod: :pony: :wiggle: :gettinjiggywitit:

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Congratz! If i would have maintained my last relationship a lil' better...i would have probably been married this year. Let me get sappy 4 a moment and say i can only imagin what u are goin' thru'....it's been over 2 years i 4get how it feels 2 be on a constant high like that.

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Constant High is for sure. You did a show or two already in 2007. Met DJ Jazzy Jeff. Got a role in an apparently widely status play (Keeler), released your 3rd installment in your career, Still Unsigned...The Mixtape, and now you're getting married to the very woman you put a song out about. "Ode To Katie". Congratulations. I hope everything works out. 2005 was Will & Jada, and in the shadows is Loretta. Now, 2007 is Ewan (Da Brakes) & Katie; in the shadows...Simone. :lol: But once again, what a milestone in your life.

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Well I did have this big thing planned with the restaurant and hotel on Feb 14th but I got too eager and couldn't wait! I'd had the ring for about a week and it was killing me sitting there!

So I did it sporadically! I didn't even know I was gonna do it at the time!

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