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Yeh so here's an new strange thread about bargains we find in stores to share with our pals here on the jjfp forum.

I finally picked up Idlewild by Outkast yesterday. Don't know why i put it off so long, i guess promo for it over here in the UK was shocking. Anyway i popped into woolworths and found it at a great price of £4.73, i also picked up the best of Duran Duran for £3 hehe.

I think that Idlewild is really good, i didn't know what to expect but im liking what im hearing.

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i got code red for 7 dollars used and then got homebase for 3.50$

cause the store sells used cds for 7 bucks and if you get another its half price... it might have been homebase and hes the dj, or any combination of the 3. cause i got rock the house off the internet

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I got Robin Thicke's 1st album from 2003 this week brand new but sold as "used" for $5. All the Robin Thicke fans will probably like this album...but it's less smooth soul and more funk w/ a dash of of pop-soul edge 2 it. Under the name THICKE titled A Beautiful World.

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