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nothin on my mind


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dang.. i love this song.. . I haven't heard it in so long. This is what happens to someone like me who hasn't been on the board in ages... it reminds me of all the goodies ive been missing and depriving myself of .. lol



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I really like this song. I bought the japan cd of born to reign just to get it. It's a great finish to the album, which is not as bad as some dudes make it. It's great to listen to if I wanna chill. It's one of my favourites. When I see the 14-track version of the album in stores, I always think: "damn, there's somethin' missing on it..."

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i just remembered!!!..

i got my cd in the car, and as soon as i get offline, imma go listen to it.. jsut finished my Synchrinizing Exam, thought i failed ,.. but got a 90%!!!.. whoooo. hooooooo... lol... sorry im off topic... so....

NOTHIN ON MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe



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It is a real shame this never ended up on Born To Reign, it would've made the album alittle better.

Its also a shame Holla Back was never on Willenium, but that was such a killer album anyway i couldn't complain.

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