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Brakes' first interview in the United States!


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I've been talking with Da Brakes over the past couple days and I have a radio show at my college's radio station. I'm going to be interviewing Da Brakes on Monday, and (if the proposal goes through in time) the interview will be aired next Thursday (a week from tomorrow). I'll keep everyone posted on this. :thumbsup: But if anyone wants to suggest some things to discuss, please feel free to bring them up in this thread. Even if they have been answered in the boards, it would be cool to ask it again in the actual interview. Also, if anyone has some cool points I should bring up, I can always use everyone's help. Because I know I'll probably forget something.

EDIT: to all the other guys on the boards who are releasing stuff, don't take any offense or anything for having me choose Brakes. Its just that he's done the most stuff that I know of (Business..., Still Unsigned..., Yesterdays Tomorrow, Keeler), so I'll have more to talk about and since I'm new to interviewing I need as much info as I can get. I plan on getting a specialty show next semester, where I can do A LOT more interviews, so I'll try to get some of you other guys on when the time comes.

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I think that was really nice of u to do for Brakes. Thats what family is all about. I know I haven't been around much u guys, but life has really been hard for me for quite awhile. Just dont give up on me, and I wont give up on me. haha... Good to see the fam still in tact, and each looking out 4 one another...

one thang 4 sho... im still typin in BLUE.. lol :4-only1ha:



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Great interview yous guys. I enjoyed it.

I have a question for Brakes though, are you and Da Ace working on any more tracks? The one track "Partners in Rhyme" I had on repeat in my car so many times last year. I loved it.

there's a track on Still Unsigned.... with Ace

I was going to talk about Da Ace, but since he's also very unknown, I didn't want to drop a bunch of unfamilar names in the interview.

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