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Will in Italy and Japan

Jazzy Julie

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i was watching poh videos on youtube, most of the interview is in italian, but Will is in English, obviously. Will does a verse from jiggy, unplanned i think, just thought id post coz it may be rare to see that soon.

Italian speaking only



part with rap


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Actually it was not a planned performance at all.

I think they just wanted him to do karaoke and sing "We will rock you", so they handed him a mic without notice and he did do that for us.

He was so nice and funny. Every Japanese who saw this show just got to love him.

Anyway he was the first Hollywood actor who appeared live on the early-morning TV show in Japan.

After the appearance, he gave many interviews with the press, visited our Prime Minister, joined a Sony's event, appeared on another TV show(he played billiards there!), came to the stage of pre-screening, and even went to the gym in the intervals. I'm sure he is crazy. haha

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hes doing it again, this man wants to perform! Ok he wasnt rapping but was doing some James Brown and hyping the crowd up.

He comes on at 8.18, then does a really weird but funny dummy thing with the interviewer.


Heres the rest




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