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Will should do a Rock album...

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[color=red]STUPID JOKE ALERT[/color]

hey, look at this:

For Immediate Release:


Metallica Corporation and famous "rapper" Will Smith unveiled their new
joint venture today.

Lars Ulrich, CEO of Metallica, had this to say "With this venture we
intend to expand our market reach to the 13 year old and younger
demographic. Mr. Smith is a pioneer in this arena. Before Will Smith
rap music was very frightening. He was able to put a brand new friendly
face on rap and make it more appealling to the whole family. In the
past couple of years we've tried to do the same in the Heavy Metal space
-- new logo, melody, haircuts, leather, perrier, etc.. -- but we've
never been able to achieve the success that Will has. We hope that this
joint venture will help us build a more effective appealing brand in
order to bring value to our shareholders going forward."

CFO, James Hetfield had this to say, "Napster bad".

Will Smith, who will serve as V.P, said "Jada and I think this is really
great! Gosh! I've never worked on a Heavy Metal record before but I
think it'll be really interesting. We've already hired dancers for the
video to promote the first album of our compilation called, 'MetalWillca'".

The album is slated for a Christmas release.[COLOR=blue]

[url="http://For%20Immediate%20Release:"]here is the article[/url]

waz it true ?

I like both Metallica and Will
:rock: Edited by Hero1
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Guest Prince
MetalWillca haha. For some reason I can't see how this could be true as we have heard nothing about this before... It would sure be an interesting result though... Probably not quite what I had in mind though.
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