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- i'm 18 Hymn Strings

- thanks Lerkot, you need some work too

- i did take it seriously in the beginning but the conversation went nowhere, so i thought i'd at leat make things entertaining

- whatever you guys have your opinions, but i've been in the car, so i know more about my safety and condition than you guys do. im not a pot head who smokes until their eyes bleed, i dont get high to the point where i cant function

- i have been driving high and yielded to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, it was natural instinct to me... i didnt come close to hitting him

- i have a lot of balls for admitting what im doing and staying with my beliefs. you guys can disagree or trash me or whatever. bottom line is: y'all don't f'ing know me and will never see me personally so i could give a flying turd..... and thats the truth. late!

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haha I think all this is concern for you more than anything. If you know the risks..if you are aware of how you are feeling its really up to you at that point. At 18 you think you know everything..in a few years you will realize you dont know **** hahaha

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weed has to be the mildest of the big three..

people claim it has worse potential for illness than alcohol but thats crap as alcohol while not being so tied to schizophrenia, makes people act like aggressive bastards!! starting fights. driving irratically, weed not so much, the possible damage is more on the smoker... cigarettes obviously cause all sorts of cancer for the smoker, problems for pregnancy and we are only now finding out about the damage to kids who live with smokers..

legalise it if alcohol is legal!! its insane we can soak our brains in that depressant crap and weed is illegal.. i use none of these but its a major discrepancy!

personality supplements the lot of em.. dont want none of dat!!

OH and Wes, what the hell do you mean you "yielded" to a pedestrian and didnt come close to hitting him? if NOT hitting a pedestrian on a crosswalk is an achievement perhaps you need to drop that joint :D

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OH and Wes, what the hell do you mean you "yielded" to a pedestrian and didnt come close to hitting him? if NOT hitting a pedestrian on a crosswalk is an achievement perhaps you need to drop that joint :D

that was a wrong choice of words. i meant to say that i recognized the person and stopped in the typical fashion that i would, without even coming close to hitting or stopping in front of them. im a good driver, never been in an accident, never got pulled over.... i'll light that joint whenever i want to haha.

but for real tho i havent felt like smoking in a while, i think imma take a lil break from it if that makes y'all happy. haha.

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i cant believe i saw this discussion again :3-laugh3: :3-laugh3: :3-laugh3:

by the way, i've smoked weed once since 4/20... i feel proud of myself

i realized that i am not immortal to weed and that if i do it too much it makes me feel lame and if i do it certain ways it makes me feel like ****. so im trying to do it less and especially not while im in high school

but im still a great driver regardless of drugs lolol

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I love the commercial on TV that has the scribbled drawings of the guy smoking weed and he says how he can quit anytime he wants and his dog asks why he doesn't. I don't remember the reply...i just remember the dog walking away while the pothead holds his arms out saying "come back...i need u!" People who haven't seen the commercial probably think i'm high right now...ha ha. But those who have seen it know what i mean.

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  • Admin

Cannabis smoker blamed for seven-death crash

Dan Harrison

August 23, 2007 - 10:37AM

A coroner has found the principal cause of a car accident in which seven people were killed was the consumption of cannabis by one of the drivers shortly before the crash.

Seven people from four families died when a sedan driven by Max Purdue, 38, failed to give way at the intersection of the Borung Highway and the Donald-Swan Hill Road near Donald in the state's north-west.

Mr Purdue's sedan collided with a van carrying Graham and Kath Millard from Heywood, in western Victoria, in September last year.

Killed were Mr Purdue, his son's girlfriend Mandy Niblett, 17, his friend Daniel Kelly, 37, and Mr Kelly's children Gavin, 8 and Natalie 7.

Delivering his findings on the death this morning, the corner, Victoria's Chief Magistrate Ian Gray, concluded that Mr Purdue's driving was "the principal cause of the collision".

He said Graham Millard, who was driving the van, was not at fault.

Earlier the inquest was told a toxicology test on Mr Purdue showed cannabis' active component, THC, in a concentration of 44 nanograms per millilitre.

Dr Morris O'Dell, a senior forensic physician from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine gave evidence that he had never seen a THC concentration so high in more than 15 years as a forensic physician.

He said it was possible to be confident that a person with such a level of THC in the blood would have been smoking cannabis less than an hour earlier and would still be affected by the drug.

Outside the court Kevin Millard, who lost both his parents in the collision, said he hoped it would stand as a warning of the dangers of using drugs with driving.

"I'd just like for the message to get across that drugs and driving is very, very dangerous.

"If that wasn't involved, this tragedy wouldn't have happened."

Mr Millard said he was "angry" at Mr Purdue "but there's no use holding that against anybody".

He said the coroner's finding that his father was not at fault was "a weight off my shoulders".

"I always had it in my own mind that Dad was innocent but until the truth comes out nobody else knows that."

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Ha, can't believe you even remembered bout this topic Tim to put that up.

Still loving that quote "in a few years you'll realise you don't know ****"

Too true, too true

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