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Will believes he could be President

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Will believes he could be President

Thursday January 4, 12:46 PM

Hollywood actor Will Smith has revealed the secret to his phenomenal career success - an unshakeable belief in himself.

He even thinks he could manage the biggest job in America.

"A few years ago I said I honestly believe I could be President of the United States. Now, there were probably political experts that laughed. But put me on a lie detector right now and I positively believe I could be President," he says.

After starting out as a rapper, Will bagged a role on the television series The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Movie stardom followed.

"My first record came out while I was a senior at high school, which was dangerous. Life was too good," he says.

"I found it a whole different thing being an actor. A rapper is about being true to yourself. Being an actor is about changing who you are. You become a different person."

Looking back, he's amazed to have become a star earning millions of dollars per film.

"It has been beyond anything I've ever dreamed. I just put my head down and run hard and I'm always surprised when I look up and see where I am," he says.

source: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/04012007/344/beli...-president.html

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Guest Guest_JumpinJack AJ_*

I bet he'd do a good job 2. The 1st emcee/President...that would be cool...ha ha. I don't know that i expect him 2 really wanna do that, but if he did, i wouldn't be surprised either.

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Will has gone on record as saying the he has no interest in politics and the current US political system. He doesn't plan on running for president. His comments on being President should be taken with the same grain of salt that one would take his comments about being able to fly the space shuttle. He's just stressing that his naivete leads him to believe that he could do anything he applies himself to. Indeed, he's said that there are many things that he's already accomplished that he wouldn't have if it weren't for his naivete.

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Yeah he would definitely get a lot of support from the black community and the young people. Now would be the perfect time, since the current president is a crazy mass murderer, and its not very hard to outcharm him. "Will has gone on record as saying the he has no interest in politics and the current US political system". I wonder what he means with that. Or no, I dont really wonder why, but I wonder if it was anything special he had in mind.

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