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Christmas Eve (The Night)


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Well with age the evening of Christmas Eve turns into a great reunion for friends and family.

I for one have a great night planned of hitting the town and catching up with friends old and new i haven't seen in a while aswell as having my family out with me.

Hope you all have a great night whatever you get upto and Merry Christmas to you all aswell.


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Guest Guest_JumpinJack AJ_*

Merry Christmas everyone. I hardly feel the season upon us. It just seems like my life is 100% work at the moment. So much stress and responsibility has taken me over that the real reason 4 this time of the year has been covered up. When i do get a free moment, it's usually spent with me standing in a long line at Wal-Mart at 2 in the morning. I think about the past Christmas' and the people who are no longer in my life (due to passing away or the ex-girlfriend who got away) and it all comes off kinda sad.

Even with 2day being Christmas, i keep catching myself thinking about work and stuff that i just need 2 shake off. I have 2 force my mind 2 relax and realize that in the midst of my problems and pain, my God is much bigger than all of that and that i need 2 let my problems be handled by Him. He'll never give me more than what i can handle and as God's child, no weapon formed against me will prosper. I just gotta clear my head and realize that in this very moment of mediocrity, He's working on all the things i've lifted up 2 him in prayer.

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas. If u are dealing with stress, lost loved ones, and so on...i urge u 2 lift your problems up 2 Him and let them go. I'm praying 4 u all.

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I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I had a great one spent with work collegues and friends the night before, and Christmas day spent with my close family and my boyfriend, i couldn't have asked for a better day.

I know what you mean about not being able to shake other worries from your mind though AJ, i have LOADS of Uni work to do for the Jan 4th, and although this isn't a huge problem i found myself worrying about it all day. It's a shame coz it only comes once a year and we should all relax and enjoy x

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