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Saturday Night Live Skit feat. Justin Timberlake


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This clip is from Saturday Night Live's(12/16/06) Holiday show with Justin Timberlake. I nearly spitted out my iced tea when I saw this clip. A warning though, it contains explicit lyrics and crude subject matter.... but it's funny as hell.

Justin Timberlake on SNL - 12/16/06 *UNCENSORED*

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R Kelly is a child molestor..he's gotten away with it for years.. kickin him when he's down? please..those victims wouldn't think that

He slept with one 14 year old. Just for one second put aside you'r wholy thought's, and think about the positon the girl had in all this. I know girl that age, which are probably simular to her. Believe me, she should get such as much blame.

"99.9% of the world thought and still thinks it's funny."

Well, 17 Million people once thought Vanilla Ice is the best Mc.

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