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Melle Mel just killed 50 Cent.


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50 CENT vs. OPRAH - and the loser is...


Once again, we the true Hip-Hop nation have lost another round in the battle of "True Hip-Hop" vs. "The Modern Day Hip-Hop Image". Let me first say this, I, like most inner city *****z, can not and have not related to Oprah in many years. This makes me the last person to say that I am a fan of her show. So, with that thought in mind, I have nothing to lose or gain by watching or not watching Oprah. But, the truth is that Oprah has done more for the positive image of black people (black women in particular) than anyone we know. For twenty plus ****ing years she's been out there doing her thing and never once had, or asked for, the support of any artist, Hip-Hop or otherwise. Like her or hate her, she's just as black as me, you, Kunta Kinte or any other ***** who came out of Africa. Now, all of the sudden these rap *****z, who already sell more records than Jesus (to 90% white people) want to use The Oprah Winfrey Show to promote that bull**** that they pass off as Hip-Hop.

Let's keep it real. 50 Cent sells a lot of records. He also writes some of the greatest hooks I've ever heard. For a few years he's been as hot as **** on the street and otherwise. But the reality is, 50 Cent sells dope. His image and everything he stands for says he's a dope dealing thug, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Plain and simple. So for him, Ludacris, Ice Cube or any other mother-****er in the business who thinks that putting Oprah on blast, and questioning her STREET CREDIBILITY, clearly shows that we as a people have lost our ****ing minds. What do you think a person that has over one billion dollars should do? Hang out with Shaquita and them and baby-sit her four kids in the projects? Or better yet, put a couple of million out on the street and double her money on the re-up? Or better yet, I got it, her and Martha Stewart can get together and rob a liquor store at gun point? Would you mother-****ers rather see her do some stupid **** like that?

The bottom line is, when you have Oprah money, you do what you want to do. When I am in the streets of New York City, and I see the Vitamin Water adds on the buses, with pictures of 50 reading the newspaper and holding a poodle, not a pit-bull, but a ****ing poodle, do I think 50 sold out? Noooooooo. I think he's trying to sell Vitamin Water. To who? Anybody that would buy it. So he can do what? Hang out in the projects with Ray Ray drinking beer and holding his balls? Noooooooo. He's trying to get Oprah money, so he can do anything he wants to do, just like Oprah. Let's not get the game twisted. He's trying to force Oprah's hand to make Oprah help him promote some **** that she, and for that matter I, don't give a **** about. 50 Cent and Oprah live in two separate worlds. It should stay that way. They think two separate ways. And, it should stay that way. So for the media and grimey *****z to portray Oprah as a person who doesn't like Hip-Hop because she doesn't like negative ***** ****, has to be a low point in *****dom.

Oprah represents, call it sell out or not, a person who has evolved and elevated herself to the highest point of society's elite. And, 50 Cent, call it what you want to call it, hell of an artist, great business man, but bottom line, it might hurt to hear it, is a dope dealing *****, who if he wore Oprah's shoes, would do the same thing Oprah does. And, so would me or you. So, in parting, if Oprah's selling out, let her. 'Cause Oprah, one day, could run for President, and 50 Cent, could run from the cops.

-Mele "Damn, I'm not Stedman" Mel


Jacked from IC.

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i think from just reading that he missed the point , 50 said that only because if you watch the show oparah only catrers to white people on her show and luda, cube were right when cube had his barbershop movie out why was he the only member of the cast not on the show being intervied? he and i was wondering the same thing, so i think mel is missing the point entirely

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