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  • Want to hear all the rare b-sides, hard to find and unreleased Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince tracks? Then you've come to the right place.

    Holla Back

    This is an amazing B-Side from Willennium. Unfortunately Will recorded it too late to make Willennium so even though it's an amazing track it didn't make the cut. This appeared on the international version of the Freakin It Single.

    From Da South

    This banging Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince b-side appeared on the vinyl release of Boom! Shake The Room. It sees the Fresh Prince ripping a hard rap and Jeff going crazy on the 1's and 2's. They actually recorded this song in Jeff's basement in Philly! 1993 Classic!


    I Wanna Rock (Vibe Remix)

    This appeared on the 12" release of I Wanna Rock which came out in 1994. This completely transforms the original and gives the track a mellow and smoothed out feel. Will also does some different raps for it. This is so dope!

    Lovely Daze (Candyhill Remix)

    This rare unreleased track from 1991 appeared on the 1998 Greatest Hits album from Jive. It gets a dope updated remix.


    Get Hyped

    This rare b-side from Code Red has the Fresh Prince freestyling over a live band. During the Code Red album JJFP wanted to experiment more with a live band but Jive wasn't really feeling it. 


    Don't Fight the Feeling

    This ultra rare track was only released on the Japanese version of the Greatest Hits. This track was produced by Hula & K.Fingers and is from the Homebase recording sessions.

    Ring My Bell (Instravibe Remix)

    This is an amazing remix of Ring My Bell which appeared on the 12" It is classic 1991!

    Deep Deep Trouble (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix)

    Did you know DJ Jazzy Jeff produced this classic from Bart Simpson?


    A Touch of Jazz (Collapsed in the Street Remix)

    This is an amazing remix of A Touch of Jazz! New raps from Fresh Prince and some sick samples from Jeff.


    Can't Wait To Be With You (Funk Mob remix)

    Fantastic remix of Can't Wait to Be With You!


    Chosen One

    This is an excellent B-Side from Lost & Found. It appeared on a few rare versions of the album.


    Comin to the Stage

    DJ Kool jumps on this hot b-side from Lost & Found!

    A few songs I can't find on YouTube, Family Christmas, New Kids on the Block and Dance or Die. Ask us on the forum if you are after these super rare tracks.





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