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  1. nine trey everybody wants to be a gangster.... pupupupupupupup but no more thanks to me... -Will you should have convinced T.I. Gangster Rap is Whack
  2. This Way- Dilated Peoples This song is so catchy even if its an oldie
  3. What Albums are included in this figure I would expect all Big Will solo albums and JJFP albums, but what about other side albums, MIB, WWWest, etc.
  4. Rhymefest guest starred in an episode of the second season of "Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out" on MTV, originally aired on Thursday, February 23, 2006. During the "Wildstyle" segment of the show, Fest freestyled to Nick Cannon, "The black team, a real hard team to deal with, what the hell is this? A little baby Will Smith? I don't understand, by all accounts, Nick Cannon, get out of here, you need to Roll... Bounce!" After that, in response to a rap about his lisp, he rapped, "Yeah I got a lisp, I understand this, but why you look like a piece of big Suge Knight's ****? I don't understand, wait a minute, don't bug me, Celie from The Color Purple, 'You sho is ugly!
  5. I need some advice on which order to buy old JJFP albums I recently bought Code Red and Loved the tracks Boom Shake the room, Twinkle Twinkle, I'm looking for the one, I wanna Rock Now I just want to know should i start from the beginning and work my collection up to recent work or Should I go back before Code Red and so on... I just wanna know which way would make a better experience
  6. http://video.msn.com/v/us/v.htm?g=eaa4d342...kw_goog&fg=copy
  7. Chamillionaire YES! HAHA you representing the south...
  8. kekeke, he copied me and typed Marshall Mathers! :kekeke:
  9. :hmm: I like songs where Eminem/Slim Shady isn't on the MC... I like the down to earth lyrics of Marshall Mathers better... Got it? :kekeke:
  10. I was just wonering How does JJFP compare to other rap artist sites on the internet. JJFP/Will Smith as a base site seems popular, and i rarely go to any other sites I'd like to hear what people have to say about rappers who have been in the game for 10+ years and how their fan sites are doing. Also on current artists within 10 years. side question: Do you think there is a single smart person that thinks 50 Cent is the best Rap artist all-time on 50's fan pages?
  11. Wills going all over the world... He's getting his hands deep into politics!!! Will for pres 2012
  12. Thanks for all of that... but its only the second verse
  13. Big Ted got it all right... now if i can convince some of my gangsta listening friends to see the light
  14. Hey it was a good podcast The only thing i wanna say is that for the hundreds of songs will smith cuts, i bet 90% of them are similar in content to whatever CD they were made for. You know, you can only make an X amount of different songs.
  15. Kanye West a very outspoken political person has said in his song Heard Em Say "We know the government administered aids"
  16. http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/elder062002.asp Read this trash... And look at the will smith paragraphs and the conclusion... Seems rediculous
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