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  1. I've always wondered the same thing... Jeff does work with other rappers but my thoughts were regarding the likes of Jay Z, Nas etc... I always thought that was why he put out My Fav's to show these guys what they would sound like over a Jeff beat

    And the Fav's mixtape was so dope! His beats for "It aint hard to tell" and "One love" for Nas were so sick on on point, same with the "Allow me to" for Jay Z, and the track for the Juice Crew....man that whole mix tape was off the hook, hope he makes more of them

  2. All these teases year after year that Will is coming back, Will is going to go on tour, Will and Jeff will be working an album yada yada.....I know his family has been busy the past couple years, but I do not buy that Will has had his hands full to the fullest the past 2 years. If Will can not find time to make some music in the past 2 years of DOWN TIME! Then he never will never be back.

    Ive put out hope for a while, and got really hype when MIB3 was announced because I thought it was the 3rd entry in an MIB hip hop song, hence a new album, but nah.. Then Jeff tweeted about them working together a couple months back, and I only to greeted by his first verse of Summertime on a Jeff mixtape, and that is it!

    I am disappointedthat these rumors have been just that, im dissapointed that Will teases the fans and it saddens me that Will does not see that he would get an outpoor of support if he and Jeff made another album. Hip Hop made Will what he is today, its disappointing that he only treats it like a toy as of late, along with his long time supporters.

    But yea, shame on me for getting hype. But its over, not only do I think Will is done for good, but I dont think he will ever even have a tour with Jeff again.

  3. www.examiner.com/celebrity-headlines-in-national/will-smith-raps-for-the-teens-at-kids-choice-awards-2012-photos

    Will Smith had the young fans dancing at the 25th Annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards at USC’s Galen Center in Los Angeles on Saturday. In an amazing entrance the entertainer was rapping with a LMFAO medley as he kicked off the award show.
    The incredible entrance wasn’t just about throwing the words together to get the crowd moving. Instead it was the over the top moment where the fans were drenched from balloons of slime from above and as unsuspecting at the kids were in the front rows, there was no doubt plenty of shock with the green slime fell from the sky every time Will Smith asked “Can you handle it?”
    While the youngsters were probably pretty excited to see the established movie star on stage, some of the old fans were in awe. The rapper who hit the charts twenty plus years ago could still move the lyrics like it was no big deal. Dancing and rapping, it was an amazing performance that set the tone for the night.
    Take a look at the photo slideshow of Will Smith on Stage at the Kids’ Choice Awards and check out the official video of the performance. With green slime flying everywhere it kicked off the night perfectly.

    Video-----> http://www.nick.com/videos/clip/kca-2012-main-show-clip-3.html

  4. Carson: You are so good at lyrics. A lot of people at home might not know that you ghostwrite for a lot of people. Who else do you write lyrics for?

    Nas: I have -- I don't do it as much as a lot of other rappers do, but I did it. I worked with Will Smith before.

    Carson: What lyrics did you write for Will Smith? [ Laughter ] That "Summertime" song?

    Nas: No, no, dude is real talented. He really had it together. I just was vibin' with him. We worked on "Get Jiggy Wit' It," and something on the "Men in Black" soundtrack. You know, but he'll put it together. I was just there vibin with him.



    My take. Will was searching for mass appeal on his return to hip hop in 97. He seeked out to Nas to help him adjust to the newer style of how hip hop verses were spit and written out. The late 80s, very early 90s flow was not the type of style to get by in the late 90s. Thats it, Nas did not really write line for line, just vibing like he said here, and to help Will adjust.

  5. I agree with Willow is a Player, La Fiesta. I dont like the beat of the Nod Ya Head song (the one used in his music video) But I do think the remix of Nod Ya Head is much better. Freakin it beat is not great, but Wills lyrics in Freakin It are ON POINT!

    Once and for all lets get this straight, How you measure a rapper what make an MC great, Is it the sales? - 20mill Is it the cars? - Bentleys Is it the women? - Jada, Is it the money? - please, Mr. Clean yet the fact remain, Got girls that dont speak english screamin' my name, All you rappers yellin bout who you put in a hearse, Do me a favour write one verse without a curse!


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