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  1. it's great to hear news about Bad Boys 3...however i hope that they will shoot most of the movie in Miami...i also hope they will start the production somewhere in 2008 for a summer 2009 release...

  2. look what i've found...maybe some of you have already seen it... :

    Cinema Conficential recently talked with producer Walter Parkes (The Island) at a press junket where he talked about upcoming projects for him and his partner (Laurie MacDonald)...

    ...Parkes reveals that discussions about resurrecting the "Men in Black" franchise have taken place as well. "There's been some conversations, just recently actually, because I don't think we did the best possible job on the second one. It would be great to pull the franchise back."

    Could this mean a bigger, badder MIB 3? Let's hope so....

  3. Bad Boys 5

    Bad Boys II 5

    I Robot 5

    Men in Black 5

    Men in Black II 3

    Independence Day 5

    Enemy of the State 5

    Ali 4

    Shark Tale 4

    The Legend of Bagger Vance 3

    Wild Wild West 4

    Made in America 3

    i havent seen Where The Day Takes You and Six Degrees of Separation...

  4. well I Am Legends sounds interesting but i would really like to see Bad Boys 3 ...Bad Boys 1&2 are my favourite movies...every time i watch them i laugh a lot and although many people say these kind of movies are made just to be blockbusters... well i don't think so...cos still many people like these movies...

  5. Yeah...i really hope they make Bad Boys 3...and if they make it i'm sure it would be a great film...i don't think MIIIB will be as good as the previous films...i liked MIIB but i loved the first one...i think it was much better than the second...

  6. hi guys
    i think there was a similiar topic but i couldn't find it so i'll ask here:
    do you think Will will do Bad Boys 3 ?
    i loved the first two movies and i don't know why some people say that bad boys 2 was a big disappointment because i really think it's a great movie and great sequel to the first one...so i really want Will and Martin to make Bad Boys 3...what about you ?
  7. if you talk about Bad Boys 2 the game i have it since March...but i expected it would be more interesting...you play with Marcus or Mike in every episode you are with the other one...but there isn't anything special in the game...it's not based on the film and you just walk and shoot...you get quite bored after 30-40min because you're doing always one and the same - hide behind a wall or desk and shoot. Well there are some funny jokes that Will and martin say while you're playing but their voices and faces aren't the same...the game wasn't very interesting at all but i completed it 4 or 5 times...it's also very short...the first time took me 4 or 5 hours to finish it...
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