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  1. Yes right ! Really hard to hear !
  2. That's weird, I still don't find the "b!tch" in I Wish I Made That ! I must be deaf :D
  3. He says "chicks", but I didn't heard or read "b!tch" ! Maybe I missed it
  4. In Tell Me Why, he don't say the F word, there is a "bip" :p In Swagga, I don't where he can say "b!tch" :unsure: I read the lyrics, there is not this word
  5. I answer to his message, but you're right, I will PM that guy !! EDIT He ansmers me, but he can't find it :(
  6. I made this topic while I had not seen all the movies. Now, I've seen almost all (in the last 4-5 month !!) (just didn't see 2 movies, because I don't have the subtitles). What I think of Will Smith's movies : Where The Day Takes You (1992) : not seen (don't have the subs) Made In America (1993) : not seen (don't have the subs) Six Degrees Of Separation (1993) : A strange movie. Absolutely not the kind of movie I like, but I reaallly liked it ! I don't think I understood everything, because the subtitles were in english. It's a strange movie, the strangest I've seen. But a very good film ! Now, I'de like to see it again... with french subs (I can't find it :/) Bad Boys (1995) : Loved it! I had no idea of what it was, and it has been a good surprise ! Really funny, and the duet Smith - Lawrence is excellent ! One of my favourite ! Independance Day (1996) : Good surprise, a good movie, maybe too "american" at the end : for example, when somebody try to pass a door, he succeed for just 0,01 second. Men In Black (1997) : The first I've seen, years and years ago. Nice movie, funny, with a good Will Smith. Enemy Of The State (1998) : Never heard about before watching it, and now, it's one of my favourite. Really liked it. Wild Wild West (1999) : Not a very good movie, Will is good, but it is going too far : robots, and everything, it's a little bit too much. The Legend Of Bagger Vance (2000) : Booorrriiingg. I was bored during 2 hours and a half. Why is it "The Legend Of Bagger Vance" ? We see Bagger Vance just during the half of the movie, and I don't think is role is really big... I REALLY didn't liked it. Ali (2001) : I was a little scared before watching it : I don't really like boxing, and I was scared to see a Will not in a role made for him : I mean, we can't see the Will like he is in most of his movies. He must be like Ali, not in a role sculpted for him, for his caracter, for his attributed. But it is a very good surprise : really liked it. A very nice movie, WIll is really excellent in this one. Men In Black II (2002) : Less good than the first one. Maybe as funny, but not really good. Bad Boys II (2003) : Very good, maybe a (very) little bit less than the first), but still funny, and still this amazing duet Smith - Lawrence ! The end is maybe 'too much'. I, Robot (2004) : a nice movie, I really like Will's role in this one. Liked it ! Hitch (2005) : a funny movie, a quite good story : liked it! The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006) : wow... very good too, Will play very well, Jaden too. A really nice movie, loved it. I Am Legend (2007) : One of my favourite. Strange to see Will alone during the most part of the movie! Very good. Hancock (2008) : a funny movie ! The second part is less good than the first, but it is not a bad movie. Seven Pounds (2009) : I didn't really looovvved it, but I was scarry to see a very bad movie, after everything I read on internet and on this forum! And finally, I don't think this a bad movie. Maybe a little bit soft, but the fact we don't know the story of that guy and his secrets kept me in the story of the movie! I understood the whole story just during the last 2-3 minutes, and it's a beautiful story. I think it's more the kind of movie that is, for certain people, annoying or bad, but in this genre, this film is, I think, quite good. This is not a real classification, but something rough : I Am Legend, Bad Boys, The Pursuit Of Happyness, Ali, Six Degrees Of Separation Enemy of The State, Bad Boys II Hitch, I Robot, Men In Black, Hancock, Seven Pounds, Independance Day Men In Black II Wild Wild West The Legend Of Bagger Vance I think it's something like this ! Something I've noticed : good movie, or bad movie, Will is always excellent. So, he is a very good actor ! PS :If somebody got the subs that are missing, in french is possible, I'm interested!
  7. Yes, somebody answer to one of my videos on Youtube on told me that : Now, the only thing is to find it :D :D :D
  8. Hello ! I want to present you Eklips, a french beatboxer. He is part of a french rap group, Le Remède. He is probably one of the bests. Eklips on television Eklips on television 2 (beatbox and interview with a few skills) Eklips the Beat Box live in Paris at Red Bull BCOne 2008 Eklips sur Telerama.fr September 2007 After 1 minute, he imitates 3 US rappers He is also very good for voices imitations : A beatbox, and then, he imitates the guy with the red and whit t shirt, Rohff, a french rapper (and others, like Negs Marrons, Joey Starr) Beatbox, french rappers imitations after 3'50, US and french rappers imitations after5'45 He imitates a... saxophone! A song of Le Remède, with a lot of imitations (but I don't think you know a lot of them : Booba, Diam's, NTM, Arsenik, Rohff...) and with some beatbox. Dangereuses combinaisons (except one or two sentences, all the voices are made by Eklips)
  9. Hardcore - Kery James This is the most hardcore music video I've ever seen. Really really hardcore. He talks about wars, rape on childrens, sex on television before midnight, racism,... Don't watch it if you are too young of too sensitive!
  10. whatever, this is a great song!
  11. Yes ihe got a life near from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air's one, but the nickname is too easy
  12. In Miami, he says "Mierda this is the plan"
  13. Its definitly making fun of gangsta rap. Yes but I don't think he did it to make fun of gangsta rap. He made this song because he wanted to do it, and after, he decided to make fun of gangsta rap.
  14. Hello ! Here is a live freestyle of I Wish I Made That Will did in his 2005 concert (you can download the full video ). This is a freestyle I really like : very soft version and still the amazing lyrics of the original version. Will really got some amazing lyrics in his songs !
  15. K The Fresh Prince ? He is not really original
  16. Don't know if it is really making fun about gangsta rap, but it is a very nice song ! The story : Will bought a new car, but a girl hit it with her car. So he is angry.
  17. Try to save it in an other folder, or directly on a USB key. This is a strange problem Maybe I've found a solution: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Unable_to_save_or_download_files Chapter "Delete corrupt plist file - Mac " Or maybe here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/itprovistasecurity/thread/2cebfb95-ac07-47e1-951b-e86d141c6ef2
  18. I don't think you need anything special. When did you have this message ? Can you make a screenshot of this message ?
  19. they did I don't think : a DVD wioth JJFP music videos ? It never exists!
  20. Maybe it was not reprensentative of the future of rap, or of the rap at this time, but it was the best rap. If it was not the best rap, why did they won the Grammy ? I think it's stupid to say that it is not representative of rap, or something like this. Rap is a kind of music, a way to sing! Not have anything to do with the lyrics ! It's a way to sing, a kind of music, the definition of rap is not "dark, swear, drugs, sex, guns"! PS : I hope I well understand, if not, I'll look like totally stupid :D :D :D :D
  21. That's true, 90% of Eminem's career is made on dissing! In every songs, there are at least 5-6 celebrities dissed ! How can he blame Will for dissing?! They don't have the same life, ok, but rap is not only for people who sold drugs, went to jail and killed people !
  22. There is a new organisation, but don't you think "DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince" sub-forum must be higher on the page ? The name of the website is jazzyjefffreshprince, but the sub-forum of JJFP is at the en of the page :D :D
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