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  1. We are happy to see you join us. Wow. France. Welcome to the board!!!! :thumbsup: make sure you vote for Will's potna, KeL Spencer who is up for an UMA for Best Lyricist of the Year! there is a topic with the link. again welcome..



    Thank you guys for the nice messages! :signthankspin:

    Don't worry Cookie, I've already voted for Kel Spencer as best lyricist! :thumbsup:

    I'll also let U know what I thought about Hancock when the movie opens in France that means tomorrow!! :wickedwisdom:


    I've seen the movie like 3 days ago, and i was very surprised. I liked it a lot, more than I had expected.

    Both the action and the comedy were great. Especially the action in the second half was all of a sudden :thumbsup:

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